Your question: Is Sapphire Beach Rocky?

Sapphire is a pretty white sand beach. … Sapphire is a great beach for relaxing and for enjoying water sports. A shallow rocky ledge and reefs on the right side offer good snorkeling.

Is Sapphire Beach private?

Sapphire Beach is one of the most beautiful in the Virgin Islands! … Sapphire Beach Resort suites and villas are luxurious and spacious with spectacular views. Enjoy private balconies, and full kitchens with large living areas. All units have air conditioning, safes, cable TV, ceiling fan and phones.

Is Sapphire Beach free?

Public Beach that is FREE.

Where can you snorkel in Sapphire Beach?

Sapphire Beach Snorkeling

The best snorkeling is near and along the rocky outcropping, where you will see plenty of small and medium sized colorful fish, and quite a bit of large coral. We absolutely recommend renting a condo along the beach.

How far is Sapphire Beach from Coki Beach?

The Islander. The distance bewteen Sapphire Beach and Coki Beach is about 2.2 – 2.5 miles.

Is Sapphire Beach nice?

Sapphire is a great beach for relaxing and for enjoying water sports. A shallow rocky ledge and reefs on the right side offer good snorkeling. Food and drinks are available from a a small open air grill, drink vendor and from the nearby condo restaurant.

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How far is Sapphire Beach from airport?

Good to know

Value for money 6.2
Distance to city center 5.3 mi
Location rating 8.8
Nearest Airport Saint Thomas Island Cyril E King
Distance to airport 8.1 mi

What is the best beach in St Thomas?

10 Best St. Thomas Beaches for Cruise Visitors

  1. Magen’s Bay. Hailed as the most beautiful beach in St. …
  2. Coki Beach. Another popular beach in St. …
  3. Sapphire Beach. Sapphire Beach just as the name suggests is a gorgeous beach with stunning shades of blue water. …
  4. Hull Bay. …
  5. Lindquist Beach. …
  6. Lindberg Bay. …
  7. Brewers Bay. …
  8. Secret Harbour.

How long is Sapphire Beach?

This 3 km long string of beaches is afforded moderate protection and is usually free of rips. However deep water and reefs lie off some of the beaches and higher waves generate a heavy shorebreak.

Where are US Virgin Islands?

United States Virgin Islands, also called U.S. Virgin Islands, organized unincorporated island territory of the United States, situated at the eastern end of the Greater Antilles, about 40 miles (64 km) east of Puerto Rico, in the northeastern Caribbean Sea.

Where can I snorkel in St Thomas?


  • Coki Beach Snorkeling. Entry: Beach. Access: Parking is $5, but very limited. …
  • Snorkeling Sapphire Beach St Thomas. Entry: Beach. …
  • Secret Harbor St Thomas Snorkeling. Entry: Beach. …
  • Lindquist Beach at Smith Bay. Entry: Beach. …
  • Brewer’s Bay Snorkeling. Entry: Beach. …
  • Hull Bay Snorkeling. Entry: Beach.


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