Are the diamonds sisters?

Yellow Diamond, Blue Diamond, and Pink Diamond are like “sisters”. … And now that Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond learned the truth, they learned that they actually have a “nephew”, Steven and are “aunts”.

Is white diamond pink diamonds mom?

White Diamond has had a relationship with Pink Diamond like that of a mother, giving her the endearing nickname “Starlight”.

Are blue diamond and yellow diamond together?

Bellow Diamond is the non-binary ship between Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond from the Steven Universe fandom.

Why is pink diamond so small?

Pink is the youngest, as she only has 1 planet, and that is why she is the smallest. Pink is NOT off color or defective. It simply seems that every successive diamond is smaller than the last.

Who is stronger blue diamond or yellow diamond?

Even though Yellow Diamond has more colonies. Blue Diamond’s court has some of the most powerful gems we’ve seen currently, and she’s also the most rare and valuable out of all four of them. Even though Yellow Diamond is headstrong, and a better leader then Blue Diamond.

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Who is the weakest gem in Steven Universe?

“Peridot confirmed as the weakest gem in Steven Universe (and the most self conscious)” by kayydotts.

Who killed pink diamond?

The murder of Pink Diamond. Who murdered Pink Diamond ? We learn evidence that Pearl is guilty of Pink Diamond’s murder, especially in episode 5.2 (“The Trial”).

Is yellow diamond older than Blue Diamond?

Yep, judging by what we’ve seen so far (as in by the way they behave), Yellow Diamond is the “oldest daughter” and “oldest sister”, Blue Diamond’s the “middle daughter” and “middle sister”, and Pink Diamond was the “youngest daughter” and “youngest sister” and was the “baby of the family”.

What is yellow diamonds weapon?

A great swod, if you don’t know, is a large sword that needs two hands to wield, and are commonly one edged,meaning one side of the blade is sharp and the other is dull and is used to block and parry. Only with Yellow Diamonds weapon would have two sharp edges.

Pick your favorite ship!

  • Lapis X Peridot (Lapidot) 337.
  • Steven X Connie (Stevonnie) …
  • Pearl X Amethyst (Pearlmethyst) …
  • Ruby X Sapphire (Garnet) 112.
  • Jasper X Peridot (Jaspidot) …
  • Pearl X Garnet (Pearlnet) …
  • Pearl x Rose (Pearlrose) …
  • Greg X Rose (Grose)

Why is White Diamond’s Pearl cracked?

The crack on her left eye was caused after Pink Diamond was very upset with the outcome and answer of her asking White Diamond to give her a colony, though the injury happened as she was standing near her when she screamed. … For the next 8,000 years, she was under White Diamond’s control.

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What did pink diamond do wrong?

Pink Diamond. … Seeking her own freedom, she led a rebellion, declared war on the Gem Homeworld and the Diamonds, and risked thousands of lives. She faked her own shattering and let her Homeworld family mourn for thousands of years.

Is Pink Diamond Dead?

While Pink lived a quiet life on Earth as Rose with Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, she truly disappeared forever after falling in love with Greg Universe and passing on her gemstone to their son, Steven, at birth.

Which Colour diamond is the rarest?

In diamonds, rarity equals value. With diamonds in the normal range, value is based on the absence of color, because colorless diamonds are the rarest. With fancy color diamonds—the ones outside the normal color range—the rarest and most valuable colors are saturated pinks, blues, and greens.

What is the weakest diamond?

Pink Diamond is the Youngest/Weakest | Fandom.

Is a black diamond rare?

Like other types of fancy color diamonds, black diamonds are extremely rare. Black diamonds are much more rare than colorless diamonds, which may come as a surprise if you’re familiar with these diamonds’ price points– black diamonds are much less expensive than colorless diamonds.

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