Best answer: Do you think the narrator believed the diamond maker?

The narrator is also suspicious of the diamond maker and at first considers the diamond maker, due to his appearance, to be a tramp. This may be important as it may highlight the destitution that the diamond maker has succumbed to as he dedicated his life to the making of diamonds.

How did the narrator’s urchin describe the diamond maker?

My urchin described him as a very thin, dirty, and ragged man, with a dreadful cough. He left no message. That was the finish of him so far as my story goes.

Was the person really a diamond maker?

Historical background. It was known since experiments of Antoine Lavoisier that diamond was a form of carbon. Wells’s story appeared a few years after the claims of James Ballantyne Hannay in 1879 and Ferdinand Frédéric Henri Moissan in 1893, that they had made artificial diamonds.

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Who was the last person in the story to receive the diamond?

The Prince was the last person in the story to receive the diamond. 5.

What was the theory behind making diamonds How many years had the diamond maker spent on this?

The diamond maker has spent so many years only in making the diamonds. But unfortunately, he couldn’t sell his diamonds due to his appearance. He was only busy making the diamonds which was only his single goal. In order to achieve his dreams, he somehow forgot to enjoy life in between.

What is the moral of the story the diamond maker?

In The Diamond Maker by H.G. Wells we have the theme of dedication, desperation, sacrifice, regret, appearance and isolation. Narrated in the first person by an unnamed man the reader realises after reading the story that Wells may be exploring the theme of dedication.

What machine makes diamonds?

A cubic press uses six different anvils pressing onto a cube. These presses can vary greatly in size and are most commonly used to produce industrial diamond powder.

Why did the diamond maker have to leave his room in a hurry?

Answer. The man tells him that he has spent years on a project to make diamonds. It was done secretly , so that others would not copy his work, and …

What is a diamond maker called?

A person who practices lapidary is known as a lapidarist. A lapidarist uses the lapidary techniques of cutting, grinding, and polishing. Hardstone carving requires specialized carving techniques.

Why was the narrator not keen on buying diamonds from him?

Answer: The narrator was not keen about buying diamonds from him as he did not believe stranger completely.

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Why is Kohinoor diamond cursed?

The Curse of the Kohinoor Diamond (aka Koh-i-Noor)

it’s misfortunes. Only God, or a woman, can wear it with impunity.” The history and lives of the rulers who owned the Koh-i-Noor diamond were filled with violence, murders, mutilations, torture and treachery.

Who is the real owner of Kohinoor?

It was later acquired by Delhi Sultan Alauddin Khalji. The diamond was also part of the Mughal Peacock Throne.


Replica of the Koh-i-Noor
Weight 105.602 carats (21.1204 g)
Cut by Levie Benjamin Voorzanger
Owner Queen Elizabeth II in right of the Crown

Which is the most expensive diamond in the world?

Though the most expensive diamond in the world is the oval-shaped legendary Koh-I-Noor, weighing a massive 105.6 carat and the most expensive diamond, we do not know the actual price of it. Steeped in mystery and legend, the stone is believed to have been mined in India in the 1300s.

Why did the mysterious man keep his diamond making business a secret?

Answer: The man wanted to keep his diomond making business a secret because it was against Govt. Policies and it could be very dangerous moreover if somebody knows about it . … Policies and it could be very dangerous moreover if somebody came to know about his ideas,they could have stealen his ideas and profit .

What would you have done if you were in the narrators place the diamond maker?

If I would have been there in the narrator’s place in H.G Wells’ story ‘The diamond maker’, then perhaps I would have bought a diamond from the maker without judging him by his physical appearance and financial position.

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Why was the diamond maker called an anarchist?

Explanation: The Diamond Maker” is a short story by H. G. Wells, first published in 1894 in the Pall Mall … a neighbour in the lodgings house, thinking he was a bomb-making anarchist, told him he had called the police.

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