Best answer: How do you find vendors on GeM Portal?

as you want to find the list of suppliers on gem portal, you can search for their product name on the portal if you see and of their product, which means your competitor is on gem. You should immediately register on the gem portal.

How do I GeM a vendor assessment?

HOW IT WORKS. To be registered as an Resellers, the concerned seller needs to apply on GeM portal. Apply for vendor assessment and fill the require details in the portal. Upload the essential documents and submit the application to be verified by QCI.

Who are resellers on GeM?

Microsoft Verified GeM Resellers

Organization name MPN ID Authorized for
MothersonSumi INfotech & Designs Ltd. 1156297 On-Prem; Surface; OLS
Paramatrix info Solutions Pvt Ltd 4863784 On-Prem; Surface
Silver Leaf Solutions Private Limited 4681717 On-Prem; Surface
SISL Infotech Pvt. Ltd. 3822262 On-Prem; Surface; OLS

How can a GeM portal be used as a seller?

How do I sell on GeM?

  1. To sell on GeM, Register yourself on the GeM portal.
  2. List your products under specific product categories.
  3. Once an order is received, deliver the product to the Consignee duly entering its details on the portal.
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How do I register as a GeM vendor?

The following documents are required for Seller Registration:

  1. PAN CARD.
  3. VAT/ TIN NUMBER (of applicable)


Is vendor assessment mandatory in GeM?

Vendor Assessment is mandatory for certain sellers in Government e-Marketplace (GeM). After registration on the GeM portal, a seller needs to set up an OEM to claim ownership of the product and service they want to sell.

What is GeM vendor assessment?

The Government e-Marketplace (GeM) is a B2G e-commerce portal launched by the Government of India in 2016. … After the GeM registration process, there’s an important stage called vendor assessment. In the case of a manufacturer/OEM, the seller can sell his goods only upon the vendor assessment.

How do I collect my orders on GeM?

Go to cart and select the product which need to be purchased and Direct Purchase option. The total purchase price upto Rs. 50, 000 buyer may go for direct purchase by clicking direct purchase button. Demand generation page will be displayed on screen.

What can we sell on GeM Portal?

Product & Services can be sold easily on the GeM online marketplace directly to government buyers, without any bid participation if the value of the product is less than INR 50,000/-.

How does a seller login to GeM?

Visit at SSO GeM portal at

  1. Now, you need to enter your GeM user ID in the given box.
  2. Enter the captcha code.
  3. After that, click on Submit option to continue.
  4. Next, enter your GeM password.
  5. At last, you can successfully Login into GeM portal.
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Can individual buy from GeM Portal?

Come next year, individual customers will be able to buy products such as cars, computers and furniture through public procurement portal — Government e-Marketplace (GeM) — and save up to 25%. … It is currently restricted to government departments only for procurement of goods and services.

How do I login as a buyer in GeM?

GeM Login – ARXSSO Login

  1. Go to SSO GeM portal.
  2. Enter your GeM user ID.
  3. Enter captcha code.
  4. Verify by clicking on Submit.
  5. Post verification, enter your GeM password.
  6. Login into GeM portal.


What is the fees for GeM registration?

GeM Registration Government Fees

Caution Money Deposit Fees
Seller Turnover less than 1 Crore Rs 5,000/-
Seller Turnover in between 1 Crore and 10 Crores Rs 10,000/-
Seller Turnover more than 10 Crores Rs 25,000/-
Vendor Assessment Fees Rs. 11,200 + GST

Is there any charge or fee to register on GeM?

Since there is no GeM Registration Fee, the sellers can be assured of the least expensive way to become part of GeM and start offering their services and products.

What is the process of GeM registration?

  1. The registration process on GeM, is driven by the principles of ease, convenience and minimal data entry. …
  2. a. …
  3. Aadhar – has been chosen as the identity of GeM user. …
  4. Competent. …
  5. Need to have designation based Government email ID. …
  6. The secondary user would then be required to complete their profile on GeM.


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