Best answer: What does Silk Touch do on a diamond pickaxe?

Silk Touch is an enchantment that allows many blocks to drop themselves instead of their usual items when mined.

Is Silk Touch good on a pickaxe?

The Silk Touch enchantment can be placed on any pickaxe, axe, or shovel that a player has obtained throughout their adventures in Minecraft. This includes tools made out of wood, stone, iron, diamond, and netherite.

Should I put silk touch on my diamond pickaxe?

Should I put silk touch on a efficiency V and Mending diamond pickaxe? Yes. And put Fortune III on your other Efficiency V Mending diamond pickaxe. This is the correct answer.

Does Silk Touch work on diamonds?

Diamond ore can now be collected with Silk Touch, dropping the block itself. Diamond ore now drops extra diamonds with the Fortune enchantment.

What happens if you mine diamonds with silk touch?

The redstone, lapis, diamonds and coal take up extra space in your inventory while you are out on mining runs, just silk touching the block will not expand its resources. Another way to save space: combine them up into blocks, 9 pieces of redstone in a crafting table = a block; same with other resources.

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Does Silk Touch 2 exist?

There is no Silk Touch 2, you can’t “mine” spawners.

Can you smelt diamond ore?

Note: Diamond Ore can only be smelted if obtained through Silk Touch. In normal circumstances, Diamond Ore drops Diamonds when mined.

Does mending take away XP?

The Mending enchantment uses xp (experience) to mend your equipped tools, weapons and armor. … If there is any xp (experience) left over after mending those equipped items, the extra xp will be added to your experience bar.

What is mending incompatible with?

Mending is an enchantment that restores durability of an item using experience.


Maximum level I
Incompatible with Infinity
Overleveling behavior No change

Does Silk Touch do anything on an AXE?

Unless you need to mine a lot of bookshelves and don’t want to have to rebuild them (wood is cheap though) there is no use for Silk Touch on an axe; you can use any tool with Silk Touch on bookshelves (anything wooden can be mined by hand and doesn’t require a tool, but axes mine them faster).

What is the rarest ore in Minecraft?

As of Minecraft version 1.16, emerald ore is the rarest ore in Minecraft, despite tons of newer ores being added. Emerald ore is thirty times more rare than diamonds, and they only spawn in one-block veins, meaning players cannot find multiple emeralds grouped together, unlike other ores.

Is it better to mine at y11 or Y12?

If you mine y11 you see these coords (y9, y10,y11 and y12) diamond rates at Y12 is much lower than y8 so if you mine at y10 you see (y8, y9,y10 and y11) This way you will increase your diamond luck.

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Should you Silk Touch Diamond ore?

Silk touch now works. It can acquire these previously non-obtainable blocks: grass, stone, coal ore, redstone ore, lapis lazuli ore, diamond ore, bookshelves, glass, ice. Mushroom blocks now drop when mined with Silk Touch. … Silk Touch can no longer pick up glass.

Can you Silk Touch a spawner?

Spawners cannot be obtained in Survival, even with Silk Touch.

What does fortune do on an AXE?

Using Fortune on an axe will help you gather more items, such as seeds and saplings. You will also increase the total amount of drops you can gather while farming. It will also increase the drop chances of an apple.

What is the max amount of diamonds in a vein?

Diamond ore only appears at Y level 16 and below, and can be found in veins of 3–8. Due to how Minecraft vein generation works, it is possible to find veins with up to 10 diamonds even though the max vein size is 8.

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