Best answer: Who wears John Hardy jewelry?

We also have Cara Delevingne as one of the celebrities who is a fan of the label’s Asian inspired designs. And the feeling is mutual. The jewelry brand, which was founded by John Hardy in 1975, selected Cara to be the face of their two most recent ad campaigns.

Is John Hardy a good jewelry brand?

JOHN HARDY is famous for its quality and very affordable pieces of jewelry. It is also known for its deep-rooted essentiality values in society artisanship and sustainability. Also, its quality artisanship and handcrafted designs by the use of reclaimed sterling silvers and the use of gold make it outstanding.

Who is John Hardy jewelry designer?

John Hardy (jewelry)

Industry Jewelers
Founded 1975, in Bali, Indonesia
Headquarters New York
Key people Kareem Gahed, CEO Guy Bedarida, Head Designer and Creative Director John Hardy, Founder
Products Jewelry

How can you tell John Hardy jewelry?

If you are looking for vintage John Hardy jewelry, then you have come to the right place.

Jewelry marks

  1. “JH”
  2. “J” engraved through the bar of the “H”
  3. “John Hardy” in script.
  4. “Hardy”
  5. In addition, pieces may be signed “GB” when designed by Guy Bedarida and have “925” for sterling silver and 18K for gold.
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Can you shower with John Hardy jewelry?

“Date” your John Hardy jewelry. Take it to out to dinner and a movie, but don’t wear it to cook, clean, exercise or submerge it in water (like the pool, ocean or hot tub).

Is John Hardy better than David Yurman?

Often times we get asked which is better John Hardy or David Yurman. … John Hardy’s designs are probably a bit more daring while David Yurman may lean a little more towards the conservative side. That is not to say Yurman doesn’t have very bold pieces but that is a general rule of thumb.

Can John Hardy bracelet size?

Is it possible to resize John Hardy jewelry? If your John Hardy ring has a sizing bar, it can be sized one size up or down. It is only possible to size bracelets and necklaces down.

How much is John Hardy worth?

The estimated Net Worth of John A. Hardy is at least $8.92 Million dollars as of 16 July 2020.

Is Jai and John Hardy the same?

Have you heard of John Hardy jewelry. … Well, the same amazing team that brings you the exquisite silver pieces in the upscale John Hardy jewelry line, developed a more affordable line for QVC… called JAI Jewelry. The collection is inspired by Africa.

Is Jai jewelry part of John Hardy?

The Gorgeous New Jewelry Line for QVC

Calling all arm party addicts: JAI John Hardy, a lower-priced line from the sterling silver pros at John Hardy, is launching today on QVC. JAI features stackable cuffs and bangles, plus bright gemstone rings and versatile earrings, all with timeless Asian design elements.

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Can John Hardy bracelets be shortened?

Bracelets and necklaces can only be shortened (sized down) If you have a single earring or stone piece that requires a match made, John Hardy will ask you to send it so they can create the closest match possible.

How do you clean John Hardy earrings?

How do I clean my John Hardy jewelry? The best way to clean your John Hardy jewelry is to use lukewarm water, a mild dish detergent with no additives and a linen cloth that won’t leave fabric particles behind. Gently brush your piece with a soft brush and pat dry, to avoid oxidation.

What does JH stamped on jewelry mean?

Is it real gold? Most likely JH is a manufacturer stamp. A manufacturer stamp is used to denote what company made the item. It is usuall found on the item near the karat stamp.

How do you size a John Hardy bracelet?

To determine your bangle size, simply tuck your thumb into the palm of your hand (as if about to put on a bangle) and using tailor’s tape, measure your hand all the way around the set of knuckles closest to your wrist, from knuckle to knuckle. Compare that measurement to the chart.

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