Can you make Sapphire staff with tungsten?

If your world generated with Silver Ore, you will have to make the Sapphire Staff instead, unless you can gather enough Tungsten Ore with the Extractinator, collect it from another world, collect it from slimes, or get tungsten through fishing crates.

Can you have tungsten and silver Terraria?

Its primary use is to make Tungsten Bars, which can be used to make the Tungsten tier of equipment. The equivalent of Tungsten Ore is Silver Ore, which will sometimes replace Tungsten on a world.

Tungsten Ore.

Type OreCrafting material
Use time 15 (Very fast)
Rarity 00*
Sell 225
Research 100 required

What can you craft with sapphire in Terraria?

Used in

Result Ingredients Crafting station
Sapphire Gemcorn Acorn Sapphire By Hand
Sapphire Gem Lock Sapphire (5) Stone Block (10) Heavy Work Bench
Sapphire Stone Block Sapphire Stone Block Heavy Work Bench and Ecto Mist
Blue Phaseblade ( ) Meteorite Bar (15) Sapphire (10) Iron Anvil or Lead Anvil
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Can you make Emerald staff with silver?

Yes it is possible, only downside is that you can’t naturally find the silver, you have to obtain it via the Extractinator.

What is the strongest staff in Terraria?

The Diamond Staff is the strongest of the seven gem staves. It does a high amount of damage, has a high fire rate, pierces one enemy, auto-fires, and has a medium mana cost, making it a viable magic weapon in the early game if the resources to craft it can be found. Its best modifier is Mythical.

Is Tungsten better than silver Terraria?

Tungsten-tier equipment, like most other alternative metals with the exception of Tin in some cases, is slightly better than its counterpart Silver. This makes it a bit more valuable in terms of helping the player survive, explore, and build.

What is the best pickaxe in Terraria?

PICKAXE: The Luminite Pickaxes – 225%

These are the strongest and best pickaxes in Terraria. They are crafted using Luminite bars that can only be found as loot after beating the last boss, Moon lord.

What is the rarest gem in Terraria?

They come in seven varieties, ordered from most abundant to rarest:

  • Amber.
  • Amethyst.
  • Topaz.
  • Sapphire.
  • Emerald.
  • Ruby.
  • Diamond.

How rare are rubies in Terraria?

Ruby is a gem found within the Underground and Cavern layers of a world. They are obtained by breaking special blocks that have noticeable red gemstones embedded in it.


Type GemCrafting material
Use time 15 (Very fast)
Rarity 00*
Sell 2250
Research 15 required
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What is the best gem hook in Terraria?

Amethyst -> Topaz -> Sapphire -> Emerald -> Ruby -> Diamond. With Diamond hooks having the longest range of all the hooks. (one longer than the dual hook.)

Is Emerald Staff good?

The Emerald Staff in use. The Emerald Staff is the fourth-best gem staff, firing a bolt that can pierce 1 enemy. Unlike its alternate-ore counterpart, the Sapphire Staff, it can autofire.

How do I get an emerald Rod?

To get your self some emerald rods, you must get a rod carver. Shapelessly craft the rod carver with a emerald block, and you can get 16 emerald rods out of it.

How do you get silver in tungsten world?

Silver can still be obtained in any world by using Silt Blocks, Slush Blocks, and Desert Fossils at an Extractinator. Use that. That said, I used to run like 4 different mining worlds.

What is the best pet in Terraria?

Terraria: The 15 Best Pets (And How To Get Them)

  • 8 A Sugar Glider.
  • 7 A Shark Pup.
  • 6 A Fairy Princess.
  • 5 A Puppy For Christmas.
  • 4 The Volt Bunny.
  • 3 The Menacing Skeletron Jr.
  • 2 A Red Panda.
  • 1 Baby Truffle.


Is the blade Staff good Terraria?

Thanks to its ability to ignore a portion of enemy defense, the Blade Staff is a great weapon for summoners in early-to-mid Hardmode, as it is available as soon as Hardmode is initiated. However, considering the Blade Staff’s difficulty to obtain as a summoner, the Spider Staff may be a better option to obtain first.

Can you make a diamond staff in Terraria?

Higher-tier gem staves are capable of piercing one enemy. All gem staves, except the Amber Staff, are crafted from gems and bars at the Iron or Lead Anvil.


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Staff Diamond Staff Internal Item ID: 744
Damage 23
Mana 8
Pierces 1
Ingredients Platinum Bar (10) Diamond (8)
Shine precious stones