Frequent question: Does Diamond spreading work on clay minions?

They can be placed on the Player’s Island. Clay Minions produce and collect clay. Clay minions are generally used to make money from selling to NPCs. If you are still using this minion for money, put an Enchanted Lava Bucket, Super Compactor 3000, and Diamond Spreading for the most amount of profit.

Should I put diamond spreading on clay minions?

Trivia. Diamond Spreading will give on average of 1 Diamond for every 10 items harvested. As such, it is recommended to put it on minions that collect a large amount of items per collection event.

Are Diamond minions better than clay?

Use diamond minions if you need diamonds for anything. Clay is fine for money, snow has a bit higher Potential but because snow fills up to fast even with compactor i would prefer clay.

Is Diamond spread worth it?

A “spread diamond” is generally a shallower diamond. The stone has spread, but at the loss of some depth, which as a result is no longer in the ideal range. This might seem good, because the stone looks bigger. … But it can seriously compromise the brilliance of the diamond.

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Should I use compactor on clay minion?

Normal compactors are just fine on minions as long as you have storage and are sure you can craft the blocks into enchanted versions of the item, I’m not sure on the clay as I only have 5 minions set up for clay and they are not maxed out.

Are clay minions still good 2021?

Yes, they still make good money but minions that are high in the bazaar right now can make more such as gold. They’re not bad but they’re not as good anymore.

How much money does a t11 Clay minions make?

Clay minions at 20 minions, maxed, lava and super compacter, make just over a mil daily. I have 15 level 9 and I make roughly 400k daily with no afk.

How much are clay minions worth?


Items Bazaar/Merchant Sell Price
Clay 204.8 coins

How much do diamond minions make a day?

Trivia. A Tier 11 Snow Minion with Diamond Spreading generates around 2.6k diamonds per day while Diamond Minion Tier 11 with Diamond Spreading generates around 3k per day.

How much is a Tier 11 diamond minion worth?

Selling a Tier 11 Diamond Minion (Max) 364,592 Diamonds X 8 $ (cost of a diamond) = 2,916,736 $ to make: HypixelSkyblock.

How much do T11 snow minions sell for?

The trade price for a snow minion is usually around 1m for a t11, but it’s often quite popular due to the very inexpensive cost of upgrading from T1 to T11 and the high market value for T11 snow minions.

Do compactors work with diamond spreading?

Function Diamond spreading does not work with catalysts, but it does work with compactors and super compactors, making diamond blocks and enchanted diamonds respectively.

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Does Diamond spreading take up space?

It has a 10% chance to create a diamond when creating a resource. This does not consume a slot allowing the player to get coins. Yes these take up slots that could go to the minions item but compactors and super compactors exist.

Can you get clay from fishing minions?

Clay has a higher chance to drop while fishing in the lake water near the Fisherman’s Hut. … Pose Fishing Minions are unlocked at Raw Fish II Collection and can be placed on the Player’s Island.

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