Frequent question: How do you get 10 diamonds on Animal Jam?

Can you buy diamonds in Animal Jam?

Jammers can purchase a Diamonds Gift Certificate from Animal Jam Outfitters that will reward them with bonus Diamonds in the game. These are available in amounts of 10 Diamonds, 25 Diamonds, or 75 Diamonds.

What are some animal jam codes for diamonds?

Working Animal Jam Codes

Code Prize
happyhyena 750 gems
jammerjoey 750 gems
livelylynx 750 gems
loudlion 750 gems

How many gems is a diamond worth AJ?

Most items purchased with Gems can be recycled for three-tenths (3/10) of their original purchase price. Diamond Shop items typically recycle for 300 Gems and items with rare tags often recycle for just 25 Gems less than their original purchase price.

What is a diamond code?

Abstract: A Diamond code is an error-correcting code obtained from two component codes. As in a product code, any symbol in a word of a Diamond code is checked by both component codes.

Is Animal Jam dying?

In closing, Animal Jam is NOT dying. Although we’ve had some pretty big Jammers quit, it only paves the way for a new generation to take the stand. Animal Jam is a very popular game, and won’t be closing down anytime soon.

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Will Animal Jam shut down?

Animal Jam Classic does not end with Flash in 2020. … You can find instructions on how to use this version of Animal Jam Classic right now. Just click here and start using it today.

Does Animal Jam delete old accounts?

Free accounts that have not logged into the game for over a year are subject to account deletion. This maintenance ensures that our game is able to support the vast numbers of active users we have. Once an account has been deleted we are unable to restore the information.

What are some AJ codes?

Giveaway Codes

Code Reward AJPW Reward AJ
secretelephant 500 Gems 500 Gems
greeleysfans 500 Gems 500 Gems
pirateship 700 Gems The Lost Treasure Book
ajpwcake Animal Jam Play Wild Cake 500 Gems

What are the codes for Animal Jam?

Here are all active, working, and latest Animal Jam Classic codes:

  • cuddlykoala: Get 750 Gems.
  • jammerjoey: Get 750 Gems.
  • coolpolarbear: Get 750 Gems.
  • curiousraccoon: Get 750 Gems.
  • adorableotter: Get 750 Gems.
  • funnyfox: Get 750 Gems.
  • fuzzytiger: Get 750 Gems.
  • cheerycheetah: Get 750 Gems.


How much do diamonds cost in animal jam?

They are called Diamond Certificates, so they only grant you Diamonds, and do not give you a membership. There are three different certificates for sale; 10 Diamonds for $9.95, 25 Diamonds for $19.95 and 75 Diamonds for $49.95.

What Animals Can you be in Animal Jam?

List of Animals

Animal Type Members-Only
Arabian Horse Land Yes
Fennec Fox Land Yes
Great Horned Owl Flying Yes
Flamingo Flying Yes
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How much is an animal jam membership?

Memberships can be purchased in a variety of ways: a monthly recurring subscription, a once-yearly payment, or through physical Animal Jam member cards. The prices start at $6.95 per month or about $58 per year if you pay for 12 months at a time. You can also purchase physical membership cards for 3-6 months.

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