Frequent question: How do you not level a gem in Poe ps4?

You can indeed stop auto gem leveling by selecting the gem and pressing the… triangle button (iirc)— there should be a red text saying the gem will stop auto leveling. Though, you’ll have to manually do that to every gem you want to stop auto leveling.

How do you stop gems from leveling up Poe ps4?

Yes. When you have the gem on your cursor you can hit the triangle to toggle exp gaining on or off.

Can you lock a gem Poe?


Yes you can, it was introduced three years ago! Right click on the + symbol and you will only see it when you press I (eye).

How do you not level gems in Poe Xbox?

Yes, hover over the gem and press Y and it will disable auto-levelling.

Can you Delevel Vaal gems?

Can you Delevel Vaal gems? Vaal Gem + Scouring Orb Does not delevel the gem.

Where can I buy orbs of regret?

Orb of Regret is 2 and the drop rate is around 0.689%. One can get it by killing monsters, destroy chests, and open strongboxes.

How do you turn off auto level in Path of Exile?

You can also disable auto-leveling of gems by holding ‘Y’ while having the gem selected.

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