Frequent question: How many planets does white diamond have?

White Diamond has her biggest collection of planets and stars surrounding her. However, she’s intently focused on the one she’s holding. It may possibly be the Earth. Altogether this is 40 planets and moons, and two stars likely.

How many planets does Blue Diamond have?

Lets look at Blue Diamond, she has 9 planets, and it’s very similar to our solar system. Blue Diamond is the only Diamond which appears in Earth, at least, building a colony.

How many colonies do the diamonds have?

Around the start of Earth’s colonization, the Diamonds had altogether colonized 43 planetary bodies and two star systems (again according to the Moon Base).

Why did white diamond turn pink?

​​​​​ Pink Pearl

Pink, White is very unhappy with you. If this keeps up, she’s going to take away your Pearl. It was revealed that White Diamond took away Pink Diamond’s Pearl because of Pink’s behavior, controlling her in the process.

Is white diamond shattered?

During the trial, she summoned Steven himself and used her abilities to make him describe in his own words how he shattered Pink diamond. White went into a breakdown as an act to better place the blame on them.

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Are blue diamonds real?

What Are Blue Diamonds? Blue diamond stones are genuine diamonds that are not treated or enhanced in any way. They exhibit all of the same inherent properties of the precious stone but have the added element of a blue hue. These blue gems belong to a subcategory of diamonds.

What does a blue diamond symbolize?

Blue Diamond Meaning

Blue diamond’s represent faith and trust, important elements in any relationship. Diamonds with a blue hue are said to help protect against misunderstandings and unnecessary fights.

Is Steven a fusion?

Finally, in Season 5, Episode 29 “Change Your Mind,” Steven is revealed to be a Gem fusion…of two Stevens: Gem Steven and Human Steven. In this way, fusion also comes to represent—and clarify—Steven’s transness. He both is and is not the mother who gave up her form to create him. And, that’s only the beginning!

Is Steven stronger than white diamond?

Some people started thinking that Pink Diamond or Steven is stronger than White Diamond and I just find that ridiculous. … The Pink Steven is actually just pure essence of Pink’s power so basically no matter what defense or attack he does it focuses up to the full power of a diamond.

Who killed pink diamond?

The murder of Pink Diamond. Who murdered Pink Diamond ? We learn evidence that Pearl is guilty of Pink Diamond’s murder, especially in episode 5.2 (“The Trial”).

Why is white diamond so creepy?

White Diamond is even more disturbing because of how she exists to counter the greater themes of Steven Universe. The series focuses on embracing individuality and rejecting societal demands. Gem Society emphasizes a strict caste system that all the Crystal Gems, from Pink Diamond to Garnet, all reject.

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Who is the weakest gem in Steven Universe?

“Peridot confirmed as the weakest gem in Steven Universe (and the most self conscious)” by kayydotts.

What was white diamonds flaw?

What is White Diamond’s flaw in Steven Universe? – Quora. White diamonds flaw is she has a narcissistic element to her. She believes everything was created in her image and she is the ultimate.

Which Diamond shattered the most gems?

Abilities. As a Diamond, Pink Diamond was one of the most powerful Gems in existence.

What is a white diamond called?

White diamonds are also sometimes described as “opalescent,” because of the flashes of color that can be seen when viewing the diamond face-up. In some cases, white diamonds are reminiscent of a white opal with weak play-of-color.

Can a diamond be shattered?

Most metals won’t crack or smash a diamond, but they may scratch it. While a steel hammer can shatter a diamond, it won’t easily cause scratches. That’s because diamonds are durable, but they have low tenacity. Meaning, brute force at a soft point can completely shatter or smash a diamond.

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