Frequent question: Is Emerald Robinson married?

Emerald is married to Garrick Davis, a poet and literary critic. She has two children with Garrick Davis, a son, Asher Davis, and a newborn daughter. She resides with her family in Arlington, Virginia.

What is Emerald Robinson net worth?

Emerald Robinson Net Worth

Her estimated net worth is around $1.5 Million.

Is Emerald Robinson age?

Emerald Robinson Profile:

Personal Info
Stage Name Emerald Robinson
Profession(s) Actress, Journalist, Television Personality,
Birthday February 1, 1982
Age 39 years (As in 2021)

Where was Emerald Robinson born?

Свордс Крик, Вирджиния

How old is Emma rechenberg?

Emma Rechenberg Age

Rechenberg is 25 years old as of 2020. She was born on June 26, 1995.

Where did Shaun Kraisman go?

Kraisman’s experience has taken him all over the country and around the globe. In November 2019, Kraisman had the privilege of travelling to Seoul, South Korea, teaching broadcast journalism for the Far East Journalism Conference, educating select high school seniors considering broadcast news as a career.

Where is Shaun Kraisman going?

Shaun Kraisman is an American Emmy nominated television anchor, reporter, and host who is currently working at Newsmax. In January 2020, was when he joined the Newsmax TV news team. He currently anchors the American Agenda news show which airs live on weekday mornings.

What nationality is Emma rechenberg?

Emma Rechenberg Biography, Age, Profession, Career, Family, Height

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Real Name Emma Rechenberg
Nationality American
School Name Not Known
College University of Missouri
Qualifications Graduate
Shine precious stones