Frequent question: What does the 6 of diamonds mean spiritually?

The Six of Diamonds are intuitive and fair; they understand the law of values – what goes around, comes around. This card represents the obligation, the blessing, and the reward. All they should do is to develop the right mental attitude to accept truth and necessity to balance their set of values.

What does a 6 of diamond mean?

Six of Diamond Meaning: Completion of Obligations. Karma for the 6 of Diamond – True Worth. Six of Diamond represent the need for understanding values. A very successful and satisfactory life can be built for these people when money is not made the sole objective.

What is a challenging karma card?

Your Challenging Karma Card represents an inner part of you; a part that you don’t want to share with the world and prefer to hide, sometimes even from yourself. It is said that you must give to the energy or issue that your Challenging Karma Card represents.

What does the queen of diamonds mean spiritually?

Queens represent the spiritual nature of man and the principle of birth. They have the authority equal to that of the Kings, proving that the true rulership is both masculine and feminine. When the Queen of Diamonds learns the true values, they can live a life they dream of. …

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What does 7 diamonds mean?

The 7 of Diamond is a card necessarily associated with money – for good or ill, little or much. It is a card of power and accomplishment. And for those who have not acquired a sense of value, it is known as the Card of “Wine, Women and Song”

What does 6 of hearts mean in tarot?

The Six of Hearts is the card of a Soul. It represents the Law of Love – the Christ principle, which itself entails sacrifice and selflessness. It stands for a family – Father-Mother-Child principle, for beauty, harmony, order, and completion. It is union and cooperation, adjustment and responsibility.

What does the king of spades mean?

King of Spades is a Crown authority of Wisdom and Mastery. They are born on the first day of the year, the top card in the deck. King of Spades represents the ultimate spiritual energy and wisdom. The recognition of this highest potential and directing their powers into constructive expression can be the toughest call.

What does it mean if you and your partner have the same birth cards?

That simply means that the two of you have chosen to work on very similar personal issues this… and the low that can look at someone else who is the same Birth Card as themselves and see the striking similarities.

What does the king of diamonds represent?

The King of Diamonds has an ultimate awareness and appreciation of material values. This sense of worth implies their ability to manage and enjoy the products of the earth. We live in a world where values are more often associated with money.

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What does 3 of diamonds mean?

In financial readings the 3 of Diamonds is a card of small or erratic growth.

What does a queen of diamonds tattoo mean?

Queen of Diamond Meaning: Domination in the Realm of Values Karma ~ Financial Security At All Cost. Some of our greatest philanthropists are the Queen of Diamonds.

Who is the king of diamonds?

King of Diamonds: Roman Caesar Augustus.

Why is the nine of hearts the symbol of love?

By this, the Seven of Diamonds possesses most of the qualities of their twin. Nine of Hearts is the card of universal love and in the most spiritual sense, the understanding of true nature of love – the love as a pure desire the best for someone without expecting to be loved back.

What does 7 of swords mean in tarot?

In a general context, the Seven of Swords represents deception, lies, trickery, cheating and lack of conscience. This card also signifies mental manipulation, tactics, scheming, cunning, enemies who masquerade as friends and spies in your camp.

What does 4 of diamonds mean?

Four of Diamond Meaning: Good Fortune. Karma for the 4 of Diamonds – Overcoming of Self. This is considered a card of luck and good fortune. Thus, the 4 of Diamond are inherently protected, but only if they are making diligent and concentrated efforts in their lives.

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