Frequent question: Who makes the best turquoise jewelry?

Where is the best place to buy turquoise jewelry?

Where to Buy Turquoise Jewelry

  • Tiffany & Co. …
  • offers a wide range of designer turquoise jewelry pieces with stones sourced in Arizona, New Mexico, Iran and Afghanistan. …
  • SilverTribe has several unique turquoise jewelry pieces in Native and Southwestern-inspired styles.


What is the best turquoise for jewelry?

The most-prized turquoise color is an even, intense, medium blue, sometimes referred to as robin’s egg blue or sky blue in the trade. The traditional source for this color is the Nishapur district of Iran, so you’ll also hear it described as “Persian blue,” whether or not it was actually mined in Iran.

What is the most valuable color of turquoise?

Also, as far as collectors are concerned, SPIDER WEB TURQUOISE IS THE MOST VALUABLE turquoise and of the highest Quality Turquoise.

How can you tell the quality of turquoise?

Natural: “High Quality Unadulterated” turquoise, cut and polished. Look for vibrant colors ranging from sky blue to green. These gems often (but not always) have a matrix-veins or blotches which vary from white to black in color.

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Are turquoise rings worth anything?

Some Turquoise Jewelry is very valuable and it takes an educated person in this field to detect valuable Turquoise Jewelry. There is also a lot of Turquoise Jewelry that is worth the value of the silver only as it was inferior when it was made and remains the same today.

How much should a turquoise ring cost?

Turquoise Quality Index
TQI Score Grade Price per Carat
90-100 AAAA $50-$1000
85-89 AAA $10-$50
75-84 AA $2.50-$10

What is the rarest turquoise?

Lander Blue Spiderweb Turquoise is some of the rarest Turquoise on earth and in high demand, Buyers must beware of impersonators, the highest grade of Chinese Spiderweb Turquoise is often sold as Lander Blue Turquoise, it takes an experienced professional to detect true Lander Blue Turquoise.

What is the hardest turquoise?

Blue Diamond Turquoise

Named for producing some of the hardest turquoise, the Blue Diamond mine is located outside of Austin, Nevada and was first mined in 1930. The mine is considered a “hat mine”, of which there are very few. A hat mine is a small deposit of turquoise that “you can cover with your hat”.

Can Turquoise be worn everyday?

Whether you are a very careful person with your jewellery or you prefer to have them with you every day, turquoise is THE stone par excellence. Take care of your turquoise jewelry, and you will keep a stone in good condition.

Are there different grades of turquoise?

Unlike other gemstones, turquoise does not have a single grading system. The most well-known tradition used to grade turquoise is the Persian Method, which defines the best grade as a stone with perfect clarity and the deepest blue color.

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Is white buffalo turquoise rare?

This unique mineral vein was discovered in the Dry Creek Mine on the Shoshone Indian Reservation near Battle Mountain, Nevada in 1993. With only the single deposit known in existence, and a very limited quantity remaining to be mined, this stone is quite rare and valuable.

Is natural turquoise expensive?

Natural Turquoise Is More Expensive Than Stabilized And Enhanced Turquoise. The price of Turquoise is often associated with it’s rarity. … It’s estimated that over 90-95% of the turquoise on the market today has been stabilized or enhanced. This is important to know when buying turquoise jewelry of any kind.

Does turquoise turn green with age?

The iron changes from green to darker green and aluminum from light blue to darker blues and greens. The oils in our hands have a very similar affect as water. Over years, or even decades, of touching a turquoise stone with our fingers can lead to the stone changing color.

Why do the Navajo wear turquoise?

Navajo shepherds used turquoise beads to protect them from storms. A turquoise stone thrown into the water or air, according to the Navajo tradition, could help connect one, in prayer, to the Creator of rain or the Wind Spirits. The winds howled, say the Navajo, in search of the turquoise stone.

What does turquoise symbolize?

Turquoise, the captivating sea-green stone of the ancients, represents wisdom, tranquility, protection, good fortune, and hope. Ancient peoples believed in its profound power to protect, as well as its tranquil energy and its association with enduring love.

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