How can I buy diamond in COC?

How can I buy diamonds in clash of clans?

Go to the ‘Shop’ section of your Clash of Clan village and select Treasure. Choose among the available pack of gems that you would like to purchase. You will be redirected to the payment page. Click the amount at the upper right corner to know your payment options.

Why can’t I buy gems in clash of clans?

You can go to your settings menu and check to see that in-app purchases is turned on. If so, try quitting the game and restarting it. If you are having trouble with buying gems on an Android device, check to make sure that you are logged in using a valid Google account. You should also update our Play Store app.

How much is 14000 gems in clash of clans?

Each package includes a gift for up to 20 Clan mates.

Clan Gifts.

Gem Package Purchased Amount of Gems Purchased Gems in each Clan Gift
Bag of Gems 1,200 10
Sack of Gems 2,500 20
Box of Gems 6,500 50
Chest of Gems 14,000 100
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What is the TH11 pack?

[ASK] TH11 Pack. ASK. I just hit TH11 today and am being offered the TH11 pack. The pack offers Eagle Artillery lvl 1 and Grand Warden lvl 1 instantly.

What are the cheat codes for clash of clans?

clash of clans cheats

  • one million gems – tlKg8bqM5o.
  • resources – iiXHxTpZYH. Elixir is a learning which is compiled through collectors. The compiled it is wait as part of your storages. Get it unlimited a single simply click.
  • upgrade building – QbO6ei3hlp.
  • upgrade all villages – McvUMhOUlQ.
  • 999 army units – BExblK6ZZZ.

Are there any cheats for clash of clans?

Short answer: no, not really. Cheat codes aren’t something Supercell have introduced to the game. With any online multiplayer games, cheating is difficult, risky, and usually not worthwhile.

Can I hack clash of clans?

It’s important to understand that hacking Clash of Clans—that is, changing the game’s code to give yourself extra resources or items—is impossible, and attempting to do so will typically result in your Android phone or computer being infected with a virus.

Can’t buy gems Genshin impact?

In order to buy premium items in Genshin Impact, users are required to enter card details. … The Genshin Impact card decline error can appear for a number of reasons, including: Bank detecting suspicious activity. Users will want to confirm with their bank that the payments are correct.

How do you buy gems on Dragon City using loads?

In order to access the Dragon City Shop you first need to open the App, then follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Shop” button (bottom right corner).
  2. Click on the “Packs” section.
  3. Select the amount of gems you wish to purchase and follow the payment process.
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How can I hack my inactive COC account?

For this you have to mail supercell from the game.

  1. go to help and support.
  2. select lost village.
  3. then type a mail asking them to give you an inactive account (you have to find it)
  4. write the player tag and player name and clan name in the mail and tell them that you’ve lost your password.

How can I get unlimited coins in clash of clans?

Go on Clash of Clans.

As soon as you enter, it will say downloading content. When it is done, a blue and red skull logo will come and then it will say: DARK$OULS Server – you get to choose what loot amounts you want.

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