How did Madame Lantin get the jewels?

How did Madame Lantin get the jewels? Use evidence to support the claim. -She might have gotten it by having an affair or from being a prostitute. This may have happened while she went to the theatre.

What does Monsieur Lantin do with his wife’s jewelry Why?

Monsieur Lantin adores his wife, except for her taste for the theater and false jewelry. … Realizing the jewelry must have been a gift, he becomes greatly troubled. Monsieur Lantin sells the rest of the jewelry and becomes wealthy. When informing others of his fortune, he inflates the amount he gained.

How did Monsieur Lantin become rich suddenly?

Monsieur Lantin discovers that his late wife’s supposedly fake jewels are real. Selling them, he becomes rich and exaggerates his wealth to others.

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Why does M Lantin think his wife should not go out in false jewelry?

Lantin think his wife should not go out in false jewelry? He thinks she should dress according to her means. It makes her look like a Gypsy, and he hates Gypsies. He is embarrassed at the thought that everyone will know of their poverty.

What was the job of Monsieur Lantin?

People never tired of repeating: “Happy the man who wins her love! He could not find a better wife.” Monsieur Lantin, then chief clerk in the Department of the Interior, enjoyed a snug little salary of three thousand five hundred francs, and he proposed to this model young girl, and was accepted.

How did Monsieur Lantin wife died?

The next morning she coughed, and eight days later she died of inflammation of the lungs. Monsieur Lantin’s despair was so great that his hair became white in one month. He wept unceasingly; his heart was broken as he remembered her smile, her voice, every charm of his dead wife.

How did Monsieur Lantin feel about Madame Lantin after 6 years?

Yes “he was unspeakably happy with her. She lavished the most delicate attentions on her husband, coaxed and fondled him; and so great was her charm that six years after their marriage, Monsieur Lantin discovered that he loved his wife even more than during the first days of their honeymoon.”

What is the moral of the story the false gems?

The moral of the story is that virtuous living is not always the key to happiness. Monsieur Lantin was happier with a woman of less virtue. He was complete in her love. He felt completely loved by the woman of less virtue than he did by the more virtuous woman.

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What is the irony in the false gems?

The ultimate irony of “The False Gems” comes at the end of the story, when readers learn the fate of the narrator. He is sure of his beloved wife’s fidelity and virtue, but he is completely miserable because she has a violent temper.

What is ironic about the fact that Monsieur Lantin is unhappy with his second wife?

What is ironic about the fact that Monsieur Lantin is unhappy with his second wife? Wife is very rich taste and extremely bad-tempered. To the meaning of the story because first wife is poor and decent, quiet and gentle.

What kind of person does Madame Lantin seem to be?

What are Madame Lantin’s qualities that attract Monsieur Lantin before they marry? She was gentle, virtuous, modest and angelic. You just studied 13 terms!

Why does the jeweler ask M Lantin to leave the necklace with him for 24 hours?

Lantin to leave the necklace with him for 24hours? He wants to confirm that the necklace is a counterfeit. He suspects the necklace may have been stolen. He wishes to get a second opinion on his initial estimate.

Where did Mme Lantin acquire her pieces of jewelry?

Where did Mme. Lantin acquire her pieces of jewelry? She received them from her admirers.

What is the climax of the false gems?

Climax: Monsieur Lantin learns that the jewelries are real and he learns his wife’s affair. Falling Actions: Monsieur Lantin becomes rich and he quits his job.

Is Monsieur Lantin a flat character?

Monsieur Lantin, By Guy De Maupassant ‘s “ The Jewelry “

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Madam Lantin’s character is revealed from the perspective of her husband, by way of Maupassant using third person point of view, consequently making her a flat character. Monsieur relies upon his wife to conserve his ever so quaint lifestyle.

What is a theme for the false gems?

The main themes in “The Jewelry” (or “The False Gems”) include hypocrisy and greed, modesty and virtue, and deceit and perception. Hypocrisy and greed: Monsieur Lantin praises his wife’s supposed modesty and economy, but when he becomes rich, he exaggerates the amount he has gained.

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