How do I transfer my Ussd account to Diamond Bank?

Just dial figures and symbols combination to send money to other Diamond accounts or even to a different bank. For instance: *710*777*Account Number*Amount*Pin (It will look like 710*777*1234567890*10000*1234#). The latter combination is an example of money transfer to the other banks accounts.

How do I use USSD code for Diamond Bank?

The use of mobile USSD transfer code has made transactions very easy. And for Diamond Bank Y’ello account holders in Nigeria.


Transaction Type Diamond USSD Codes
Balance Enquiry *710*556*PIN#
Airtime Purchase *710*555*PHONE NO*AMOUNT*PIN#

What’s the transfer code for Diamond access?

The Access Diamond bank transfer code is *901*amount*account number#. You can use this code to transfer funds from Diamond(Access) Bank to Diamond(Access)bank. You can likewise use it to transfer funds to any other bank in Nigeria.

What’s the USSD code for Diamond Bank?

Diamond Bank USSD code is *426# and That’s the code you need to dial to get started.

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How do I transfer USSD code?

First Bank USSD Code

To transfer funds to another person: *894*Amount*Account number# To check your airtime: *894*00# Mini-statement: *894*Account number# Recharge airtime: *894*Amount#

How do I activate the diamond USSD code?

Register with the USSD bank of the access bank by dialing *901# on your phone. You will be asked to input your BVN number to complete the registration.

How do I transfer money from Ussd to access bank?

Access Bank money transfer code

*901# is the code to transfer money from Access Bank. To transfer cash to other banks: Dial *901*AMOUNT*NUBAN Account Number# (e.g *901*1000*1234512345#) from your phone.

How do I increase my diamond bank transfer limit?


  1. Dial *426# on your phone using the Diamond Bank registered number.
  2. Select option 7 to increase your limit.
  3. Enter the last six digits of your ATM card number.
  4. Enter your Diamond Bank account number.
  5. Enter your Diamond Bank transfer mPin, you are done.

How can I get my diamond Internet Banking ID?

Steps to recover Diamond Bank Internet Banking ID

  1. Turn on your mobile network.
  2. Download and install Diamond bank mobile banking app here. …
  3. Open the installed Diamond bank mobile banking app.
  4. Tap on Forgot Login Details.
  5. Tap on Forgot internet banking ID.
  6. Now bring out your Diamond bank ATM debit card and account number.


What is the code use in checking diamond bank account balance?

Diamond Bank

You can dial *426# and then insert 1 in response to the on-screen command to check your account balance.

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What is the USSD code for First Bank?

Once you have a FirstBank account with a linked debit card, a phone number profiled for SMS alert and a mobile phone, you are just one dial away from enjoying the unbeatable 894 experience. Simply dial *894*0# to get started!

How can I transfer money from Diamond Bank without ATM?

How to Transfer funds using Diamond Bank USSD code.

  1. Dial *426# and select the option 2.
  2. Enter the desired amount you wish to transfer and press send.
  3. Enter the beneficiary’s account number and press send.
  4. select the beneficiary’s bank operator.

What is USSD * 99?

*99# is a USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) based mobile banking service from NPCI that brings together diverse ecosystem partners such as Banks & TSPs (Telecom Service Providers). Using *99# service, a customer can access financial services by dialling *99# from his/her mobile registered with the bank.

What is the code for bank transfer?

All Nigeria Bank Transfer codes

Nigeria Banks Transfer Code
Fidelity Bank transfer code *770#
First Bank transfer code *894#
FCMB bank transfer code *329#
Polaris Bank transfer code *833#

How do I register my transfer code?

Another option to change/activate you new transfer PIN code is to dial *600*Default PIN*New PIN* and send this message. For example, dial *600*0000*1234*1234# and then send/ok.

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