How do you charge a soul gem?

To fill Soul Gems in Skyrim, you’ll need to use the Soul Trap spell. This is an Apprentice level spell in the Conjuration school of magicka. Once you’ve unlocked this spell, all you need to do is use it on an enemy, and then defeat it with an empty Soul Gem in your inventory.

How do you recharge soul gems in eso?

you may also right-click and select “Recharge” from the drop-down menu). Select the soul gem and click “Recharge”, and you will regain charge on the weapon. Soul gems are also used to revive dead players.

What can you do with empty soul gems in Skyrim?

Filled soul gems are used to create and recharge enchanted items while empty soul gems are used in a number of Atronach Forge Recipes. They can also be sold. Soul Gems come in different sizes. The larger the stone, the larger the soul it can store, although larger gems can also hold smaller souls.

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What enemies fill what soul gems?

Creatures that fill them- Falmer, Falmer Skulkers, Atronach’s, Spider’s, Sabre-tooth Cats, and Chaurus Reaper. Black Soul Gems: These are filled dark souls, they are just evil. Creatures that fill them- Necromancers, Dremora, Bandits, and Ghosts.

Do Daedra have souls?

The Daedra do not have a “soul” in the direct manner. Rather, when a Daedra is slain, its vestige returns to its realm of Oblivion to be reformed into a new body, following which they live again. The Daedra are born in Azure Plasm, a lightblue liquid found in the realms of Oblivion.

Can you buy empty soul gems eso?

You can get them from dungeons and world bosses. The latter always drops 1 empty soul gem and 1 full soul gem. On the other hand, if you have the money and want to save time, you can buy either empty or full ones from the Mages Guild. The empty ones are cheap, while the full ones are significantly more expensive.

Is Black Soul Gem better than grand?

The main benefit of a black soul gem is that it can capture grand leveled souls from humanoids, whereas those souls cannot normally be captured. These sources tend to be plentiful and easier to kill, compared with common grand level white soul sources, such as mammoths.

What soul gem do humans fill?

The only soul gems that can trap human souls are Black Soul Gems. Use them against any human enemy and it fills, and it gives an equivalent of a Grand Soul Gem, so it’s extremely useful.

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Can you empty a soul gem without destroying it?

As mentioned in the accepted answer to this question, you can drop the gem to the ground and it will be emptied. From the UESP wiki, “Soul Gem” article: Occasionally, dropping a soul gem you filled yourself onto the ground will cause it to lose its charge without breaking.

What happens to souls in soul gems?

Capturing souls in soul gems is typically done with the Soul Trap spell of the Conjuration school of Magicka, or with a weapon that has received such an enchantment. With the exception of Azura’s Star and The Black Star, using a filled soul gem always destroys it.

What do I do with soul gem fragments?

Apparently, Soul Gem Fragments cannot be used for anything. Sell them for minor money (useful early on; though better sources of money will reveal themselves later.)

How do I get Soul Trap?


  1. Sold by: Court Wizards. Falion in Morthal. Nelacar in The Frozen Hearth. …
  2. Created at the Atronach Forge under the College of Winterhold, by placing a torchbug thorax, ruined book, salt pile, and any soul gem into the offering box.
  3. Found as a random loot in boss chests.

What can fill a grand soul?

Souls from the Creatures below will fit into a Grand Soul Gem.

  • Ancient Dragon.
  • Elder Dragon.
  • Dragon Priest.
  • Dremora Valkynaz.
  • Falmer Shadowmaster.
  • Falmer Spellsword Shadowmaster.
  • Falmer Warrior Shadowmaster.
  • Falmer Boss Warrior Shadowmaster.


Why does it say no soul gem large enough?

It means you are trying to soul trap people. Only black soul gems can contain human souls.

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