How do you close a necklace?

How do you close a necklace without a clasp?

Instead of using a clasp you will feed both ends of beading wire through the same crimp tube, going in opposite directions, and then crimp the crimp tube. After you have crimped the tube you will hide it with a crimp bead cover. This technique works great for long necklaces that can easily slip over the head.

How do you crimp a necklace?

How to Use Crimp Beads to Finish a Necklace or Bracelet:

  1. String a crimp bead onto the beading cord or cable, then string the clasp.
  2. Bend the cable back through the crimp bead.
  3. Tighten the loop (but not too tight!). …
  4. Trim the excess cord/cable.
  5. Use crimping pliers to close a crimp cover over the crimp bead.

What is the most secure necklace clasp?

In general, the most secure clasps are the lobster, hook and spring ring clasps, which are used for most necklaces and bracelets.

Which knot is commonly used to fast enough the end of a piece of jewelry?

A surgeon’s knot is a very sturdy way to finish off a piece of jewelry and is super handy for elasticated cords. The extra twists in this knot help to keep it in place – it is definitely more of a practical knot than a decorative knot!

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What is a necklace clasp called?

The general term for the fastening piece of the necklace that keeps it together/in tact is called a clasp. There are different types, like spring ring, or hook and eye fastener that keeps the chain connected. I personally hate the spring clasp. (also known as a c-clasp, for pretty obvious reasons.

What are the different types of necklace clasps?

8 Types of Jewelry Clasps and How to Use ‘Em

  • Spring Ring Clasp. …
  • Lobster Clasp. …
  • Barrel Clasp. …
  • Toggle Clasp. …
  • Magnetic Clasp. …
  • S Hook Clasp. …
  • Fishhook Clasp. …
  • Slide Lock Clasp.


What is a necklace without a clasp called?

Lariat necklaces don’t have a clasp. The chain or beads form a long rope that is either tied or pulled through a circular finding like the one pictured here.

How do you tie off monofilament jewelry?

How to Tie Knots in Monofilament

  1. Bend the monofilament at the point where you want the knot. …
  2. Tie the knot in the cord. …
  3. Tighten the knot with needle-nose pliers. …
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for any additional knots you want to put in the filament.
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