How do you get surf in Emerald?

You get the HM surf on “Pokemon Emerald” by beating the Gym Leader in Petalburg City. After defeating the Gym Leader, visit Wally’s House, where Wally’s family gives you HM-03, “Surf.”

What TM is surf in Pokemon Emerald?

For that, you need to beat the gym in Lavaridge town and then go to Petalburg city and fight your “Dad” aka Norman there because he said he would battle you after you earn 4 badges. After you beat your dad, Wally’s dad will take you to his house and give you surf.

Who can learn surf in Emerald?

One of the most surprising Hoenn Pokemon on the list is Aggron, who is more commonly known for its massive Defense stat rather than its utility outside of battle. While it’s no surprise that Aggron can learn Cut, Strength, or Rock Smash, it’s a bit odd albeit helpful that it can also learn Surf.

How do you get all HMs in Pokemon Emerald?

Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald HM and TM Locations

  1. Hidden Machines (HMs)
  2. HM01 Cut – Rustboro City: receive from the Cutter in the Cutter’s House, west of the Pokemon Center.
  3. HM02 Fly – Route 119: receive from Brendan/May after defeating them.
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What to do after you get surf in Emerald?

Right after you get surf from Wally’s father, teach it to one of your Pokemon and go to route 118. Surf across the water. Hope I helped!

Can Wingull use surf?

Wingull will fly through the sky as though surfing waves. … Wingull, the Seagull Pokémon. It uses its long wings to catch the ocean wind and glide across the sky, and then folds them when resting.

Is Zigzagoon good in emerald?

Zigzagoon is a very common encounter in Ruby and Sapphire, appearing on Routes 101, 102, 103, 104, 110, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 121 and 123, as well as Petalburg Woods. In Emerald it is a slightly more rare encounter and only appears on Routes 101, 102, 103, 118, and 119. … In Hoenn, Zigzagoon is the absolute best.

Do you need cut in emerald?

Cut is pretty useless. Its there for a few unimportant items and perhaps Secret Bases. It might be mandatory for fishing Feebas in some areas.

Can Wingull learn surf Emerald?

There are several Pokemon that can learn Surf and Fly simultaneously. Wingull and its evolution are able to, but my favorite is Latias. (: So at the end of the game, choose the red option when your mother asks you which color you heard the TV announcer say.

Is Torchic or mudkip better?

Mudkip, who later evolves to Marshtomp, seems to be the better answer. Admittedly, Torchic/Combusken might be the better overall choice, but that’s after having to deal with the tough Roxanne battle. … But I will say, Mudkip is the coolest looking Pokémon out of all the starters.

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Is Marill good in emerald?

You can catch Marill before the first gym, its fast growth rate makes it very easy to overlevel, and it can learn plenty of strong normal attacks (and water attacks) throughout the game. Also it’s fortunately not fairy type. This is the moveset I would recommend.

How do you get rid of Pokemon in Emerald?

Guest answered: What you will want to do is go to the Poké center in Oldale. Access “Someone’s PC” And select the “deposit pokemon” option, choose the Pokémon you wish to release. And done!

Where is the abandoned ship in Emerald?

The Abandoned Ship (Japanese: すてられ船 Abandoned Ship) is a wrecked ship located on Route 108 in Hoenn, originally being a ship named the S.S. Cactus (Japanese: カクタスごう Cactus). The second part of the ship can only be accessed by using Dive and contains the Scanner.

Where do I go after Lilycove City Emerald?

You have to go east from Lilycove, but Team Aqua/Magma is blocking the way. The only thing you can do now is go back to Route 121, then use the dock in the middle to Surf south to Route 122.

Where can I get ice beam in Emerald?

Ice beam, Go a bit south from slateport, and then head west. Keep going until you find a ship. Go on and you’ll show up on the side. Go inside and follow the ladders and go in all the cabins and beat all the trainers.

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