How do you get the ruby polearm in MooMoo io?

Using the Polearm to gather 3,000 Resources will cause it to become the Gold Polearm. Likewise, gathering 7,000 Resources with it will turn it into the Diamond Polearm. You will get the Ruby Variant when you gather 12,000 Resources.

How do I get Ruby Hammer MooMoo io?

Instead of mining Resources, it is recommended to destroy 20 Turrets instead to get the Diamond Variant and 35 Turrets to get the Ruby Variant.

How do you get the Ruby tool hammer?

Tool hammer is obtained when you spawn (at Age 1), along with other materials. This is the first you get once in the game, people use it to fight other age 1 players. The Tool Hammer deals 25 damage per hit you do.

What is the best weapon to get in MooMoo io?

The Katana is a melee weapon that deals 40 damage. It also increases your range. This is an ideal weapon for the melee people. You must have the sword to upgrade to Katana.

What is the secret weapon in MooMoo io?

The Shotgun is a hidden Weapon found in MooMoo. io’s data files.

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How do I get an emerald weapon?

Unlocking Emerald Weapon in Final Fantasy XIV

Players will already need to be level 80 and have finished the main storyline up until the quest Shadowbringers. Players will be able to now go through the post-expansion story content of patches 5.1 and 5.2, concluding in the quest Old Enemies, New Threats.

What weapon does the most damage in MooMoo io?

The Polearm does the most damage of any primary weapon (second to the Musket), so beware.

What is age in MooMoo io?

Age 9 is the last Age in which the Player receives a reward. When a Player dies or is otherwise disconnected from the game, their/his/her age is reset to Age and if respawns will be sent to a random point on the map unless the player uses spawn pad. The maximum Age is 100.

How do you get a katana in MooMoo?

Ruby Katana The Ruby Katana is the third and final obtainable version of the Katana. It is obtained upon gathering 12,000 Resources and deals 47 damage to everything. Ruby weapons have a “Bleed” effect, causing players to lose 5 health every second in till they lose 25 heath.

What is MooMoo IO sandbox?

How to Play Sandbox. The sandbox is where you go for unlimited resources, to try out new ideas and push them to the limit. Place as many items as you want and build the most epic base. Other than that, it’s the same as, and you can still be killed by other players, who also have unlimited resources.

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What are the levels of weapons in MooMoo io?

There are two classes of Weapons, Melee and Ranged. And these Melee and Ranged weapons are in there own categories primary and secondary. In addition, some Weapons can gather more Resources than the normal Tool Hammer.

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