How do you make a Jewellery tumbler?

Put shot in the jar about 2/3 of the way in. Put a little dishwashing liquid in with the shot and water to cover in the jar. Wire your silver pieces together (so they are easier to fish out) and drop them in the jar. Shake, shake, shake!

How long do you tumble jewelry?

The tumbler does not remove scratches, or excess solder. So that being said 30-60 minutes in a tumbler will achieve this shine on your metal. However some people do prolonged tumbling and it will help add rigidity to earring wires, posts and other thin gauged wires.

How do you use a vibratory tumbler for jewelry?

Jewelry Polishing Procedure

  1. Pour the shot into a clean barrel to about the halfway mark.
  2. Add enough water to cover the shot plus about 3/4 inch.
  3. Add a tablespoon of soap flakes.
  4. Load the jewelry and/or components into the barrel. …
  5. Seal the barrel and let the tumbler rotate for 6-8 hours.


What can I use instead of a tumbler?

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Can you make sea glass without a tumbler?

You put broken pieces of glass in several layers of cheesecloth. Tie a heavy string to secure the glass doesn’t come out. Place bag in running current, making sure to secure a string so you won’t loose it.

Can you polish gold in a tumbler?

Fill your jewellery tumbler with water. Replace the lid, making sure that you’ve put all of the lid components back into place in the right order so that it is properly sealed. Once sealed, place your jewellery tumbler on the rotating unit. Switch on and leave to rotate for about 30 minutes.

Can you tumble gold?

You can tumble the two metals together with no problems at all! I too prefer to tumble my rings before I incorporate them into a design as they are evenly polished and slightly work hardened by tumbling. I tumble mixed metals all the time with excellent results!

Does tumbling work harden metal?

When you need to work harden the entire length of wire or finished design, tumbling in steel shot is a great option. It will work harden sterling silver without marring or leaving a texture on the metal. Another great thing about tumbling your metal is that it cleans and polishes at the same time.

Can you tumble copper and silver together?

Yes, you can tumble copper and silver together. … Silver looks the same afterwards!

Can you tumble enamel?

Pam said that as long as the enameling is bezel set or recessed in the piece it will tumble just fine. However, if the edge is exposed, (like the enameling coming to the edge of the metal, applied to the surface without any raised metal protecting it), then the enameling near the edge of the piece could get damaged.

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Do I need a jewelry tumbler?

A jewelry tumbler can save you valuable time in a studio. It can place a mirror finish on a piece in minutes and work harden findings so you can move onto other projects. Place jump rings, earwires, headpins or anything else that you need to work harden into the barrel, turn it on and walk away.

What is the best jewelry tumbler?

  1. BestEquip KT-185CGT00000001V1 Tumbler 2000 RPM Finisher 7.3 inch Magnetic Polisher with Adjustable Speed. …
  2. Mini Magnetic Tumbler 100mm Jewelry Polisher & Finisher Machine Jewelry Tool. …
  3. YaeMarine Jewelry Polisher Tumbler 3kg 6.6 Lbs Capacity Jewelry Polisher Machine with Glass.
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