How do you update an old jewelry box?

How do you cover an old jewelry box?

Decoupage is a great way to cover up stains on the inside or outside of an old jewelry box. Or just add a lot of color with scrapbook paper or fabric with no painting involved.
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How do you paint an old jewelry box?

So, how do you paint a jewelry box? To paint a jewelry box, you must first take off existing hardware. Then use spray paint, chalk paint, or other furniture appropriate paint, getting in all of the nooks and crannies. Spray paint is the fastest method and can provide a nice, even finish.

How do you paint a wooden jewelry box?

  1. Step 1: Sand & Prime. If painting an unfinished wood jewelry box, begin by lightly sanding rough areas and edges with a fine grit sandpaper. …
  2. Step 2: Paint. Paint thin layers of acrylic paint onto the surface of your box avoiding the lid seam and hardware. …
  3. Step 3: Add Decorative Knob. …
  4. Step 4: Store & Style.
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What can you do with old jewelry?

3 Best Options For Getting Rid Of Used Jewelry

  1. 1) Sell Your Used Jewelry. If you have no attachment to a piece and just want to get cash for it, your best option is to sell it to a local jeweler or a pawnshop. …
  2. 2) Trade It In For Credit Towards Another Purchase. …
  3. 3) Remount Stones Into A New Piece.


How do you decorate a jewelry box?

Paint the entire surface of the box.

You can use many different types of paint. For a bold look, use a bright colored acrylic or metallic paint. For a more distressed look, use a chalk based paint. Use stencils to add designs or create your own unique freehand patterns.

How do you cover a jewelry box?

Coat the entire box (inside and out) with at least two coats of Gloss Mod Podge. Allow to dry. Go back to the lid and trim any excess fabric around the edge with a craft knife. Cut the ribbon and glue around the top with the craft glue.

How do you clean an old velvet jewelry box?

In case the liner in your box is stained, you can use a mild cleaning product, specially formulated for a delicate material such as velvet. The damp cloth will help you to remove much of the dirt, especially dust and hair. If you’ve cleaned everything and the box is still dirty, you just rinse the cloth and wipe again.

What are jewelry boxes lined with?

Velvet made from silk, rayon, or cotton (commonly called velveteen) is a good choice. It usually has deep pile to cushion fine jewelry. You can see the look of a velveteen lining in the main photo. Flannel (either wool or cotton) is also a good choice.

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What kind of paint do you use on a wooden box?

Once the gesso layer is dry, apply a coat of acrylic paint in Ultramarine Blue to the surface of the rectangular wooden box. Let dry and apply another coat. Depending on the color of paint, you may need a third coat. Be sure to let the layers of paint dry between coats.

How do you seal a painted wooden box?

Apply 1 to 2 coats of sealer.

Apply a thin coat of spray-on or brush-on sealer, then let it dry. Apply a second coat, if needed, and let that one dry too. If you are using the brush-on kind, apply it using a wide, foam brush. If you are using a spray-on varnish, be sure to work in a well-ventilated area.

Can you spray paint a wooden box?

You will need to use a primer on the boxes since they are raw wood. I like to use spray paint because it’s fast and easy. You can use a brush on primer if you prefer. Spray first coat, wait 15 minutes and apply 2nd coat.

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