How do you use diamond promo?

– You can use promo diamond when you purchase emote bundles and emotes as discount diamonds. – Can be used when you are buying skins and hero as discount diamonds. – Can be used when you are buying emblem packs, daily crystal of aurora pack and magic chess commanders and skin.

How do you use the 515 Diamond promo?

Log in to the site from May 12 to 16, complete tasks, and win points to redeem 515 Promo Diamonds. Simply by sharing the website and completing the task, you can earn Promo Diamonds for free.

What is promo diamond?

Promo diamonds can be used as Discount while purchasing items. It valid from 11-15 November only!! Where can you use Promo Diamond? ✅ Can be used to purchase Daily Crystal of Aurora pack in shop (10 Diamonds one) as discount diamonds. ✅ Can be used to purchase Hero and skins as discount diamonds.

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What is 515 promo diamond?

515 Promo Diamonds can be used as voucher to deduct Diamonds when purchasing items in the in-game Shop. Notice: Promo Diamonds can be used only from May 12 to 16. Once the event is over, the Promo Diamonds you got will be automatically deleted.

Can you use promo Dias to gift?

Nope, promo diamonds is considered a discount coupon and you cant discount gifts.

Can you buy Starlight using promo diamonds?

– You cannot use it to purchase the starlight or get the items like National flag change card. – You cannot use in Box events or hero events or epic showcase.

How do I buy diamonds with a load?

How to Buy Diamonds in ML Using Load

  1. Select the amount of diamonds you want to purchase.
  2. Select your preferred mobile network.
  3. Review your purchase and click on the “Buy Now” button when you’re ready.
  4. Enter your mobile number and verify your purchase with a 6-digit code you will receive via SMS.


How do you buy diamonds?

How to Pick a Diamond

  1. Choose Your Diamond Shape. The shape of your diamond is the launching point of your ring’s design. …
  2. Select Your Carat Weight. …
  3. Narrow Down on Cut Quality. …
  4. Select Clarity Grade. …
  5. Compare Similar Diamonds. …
  6. Verify the Certificate. …
  7. Get an Expert Opinion. …
  8. Make the Purchase.


How do you get free diamonds in 2020 Mobile legends?

Here are ways on how to get free Diamonds for Mobile Legends.

  1. Enable the Live-Streaming Feature.
  2. Get Into the Top Global.
  3. Participate in Tournaments.
  4. Take Part in YouTubers’ Giveaway Events.
  5. Make Good Use of the Google Opinion Reward.
  6. Take Advantage of Free-Top Up Balance Apps.
  7. Activate Telkomsel GamesMAX Package.
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How do you get cheap diamonds on mobile legend?

Cheaper Ways to Buy Diamonds Mobile Legends

  1. Diamonds Below Rp. 50,000 Cheaper Buy with Phone Credit. …
  2. Buy a Cheaper Diamonds (IDR 50,000 or above) via the Google Play Store. If you want to buy Diamond by spending more than 50 thousand Rupiah, buying it through Google Play Store vouchers is still cheaper than other methods.


How do I gift my friend diamonds in ML?

To do this, you need to open up their stream by clicking on ‘Watch stream’ on their profile. Click on the pink packed item below the love symbol on the right side. Once this opens, you can choose from several gift options to send diamonds to your friend.

How do you send skins in ML?

You can send skin as a gift by purchasing it on the store and send it as a gift.

  1. There is a gifting option on the Shop menu. …
  2. There select a skin you want to give away.
  3. Make sure that your friend follows you and vice versa. …
  4. Note that you can only send 3 skins per day.


How do you get promo diamonds in ML 2021?

To get a Diamond Promo, you usually only need to take part in existing events. Such as completing missions, you can top up a certain amount, log in to the game, and share events. You will later collect quite a lot of Diamond Promos which are even enough to buy the one skin you need.

How do you use Diamond ML?

First, please go to the Skin Shop Menu and choose the skin you want. Make sure the skin has a price that matches your number of diamonds + promo diamonds. Then, click on the skin and select buy Skin using the Diamond Option. The method is quite easy, just select the right option on the skin.

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How do you get yellow diamonds in mobile legends?

By logging in, you can get a number of Yellow Diamonds. In addition, you can participate in the event by participating in making cakes. The second way, you can get it through Benedetta’s new hero Draw Event. To get it yourself is quite easy.

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