How do you wear a rhinestone statement necklace?

How do you wear a statement necklace?

The best way to allow your statement necklace to do all the talking is by wearing it with the right neckline. Strapless, off-the shoulder, scoop necked or v-necked dresses and tops are ideal, as it allows your statement piece to shine. Avoid clashing with your bold pieces by wearing halter necks, collars and detailing.

What earrings do you wear with a statement necklace?

It might seem like overkill to wear a statement necklace with other accessories, but it can be done. Pair some smaller and subtler earrings with a pendant to keep the focus on the statement piece. Diamond, gold, or silver studs will do the trick.

How do you wear rhinestone jewelry?

Think of all of the ways that you can wear rhinestone accessories:

  1. Clip on some big rhinestone chandelier earrings with your jeans and T-shirt.
  2. Attach a flower rhinestone pin to a favorite hat and wear it with a favorite long skirt outfit.
  3. Take rhinestone barrette and style it into your hair.
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Are Statement necklaces Still in Style 2020?

Statement necklaces might not be your everyday go-to jewelry look, but when paired with the correct outfit, you are sure to turn heads. Chunky statement necklaces will perk up any outfit, including your formal office wear, and we don’t expect chunky statement necklaces to go out of style.

When should you not wear a necklace?

1. When you are wearing a high neckline. If you are wearing a top or a dress with a high neckline, it would be a smart idea to leave the necklace out of the equation. With high necklines, you need to focus on other accessories like earrings and bracelets/ watch, if that’s your thing.

Should I wear a necklace with statement earrings?

No Other Statement Pieces

Refrain from adding any other bejeweled statement pieces to your ensemble. You may be tempted to match with a statement necklace, but steer clear of wearing too many bold jewels. In fact, avoid necklaces altogether, as drawing the focus to your earrings is the goal.

What is a statement piece of jewelry?

What is Statement Jewelry? … Statement jewelry is unique and bold and helps the wearer portray who they are through their outward appearance. Wearing bold and stylish jewelry is nothing new, ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians used statement jewelry in ceremonies, rituals, and to show divine favor.

What kind of necklace should I wear with a shirt?

If the t-shirt you’re going to wear has a V-neck, you have to choose a necklace that follows the shape and size of the neckline. So round and rigid shaped necklaces are barred: it is better to opt for a soft necklace with a small pendant or charm at the center.

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5 New Jewelry Trends to Try From the Spring 2020 Runways

  • Colorful Jewelry. Getty Images. Forget sticking to gold and silver, designers brought on an explosion of color for Spring 2020’s jewelry. …
  • The Single Earring. Getty Images. …
  • Oversized Chains. Getty Images. …
  • Pearls. Getty Images. …
  • Big Hoops. Getty Images.


What is a statement necklace?

It’s a beautiful necklace that makes a huge statement when you put it on – that’s the essential definition. … Often, this great necklace is large-sized and quite possibly over the top that goes with a simple outfit in simple words – a bold necklace that everyone will notice immediately.

How do you wear a multi color statement necklace?

1. Multi-layered statement necklaces for a cool chic style

  1. Multi-layered statement necklaces are a perfect add-on to your V-necks.
  2. Add a bold necklace to your top to balance out your neckline.
  3. Add a splash of color with a rusty golden statement necklace.


How do you style a lot of jewelry?

15 jewellery style tips you need to know

  1. Create layers with rings, necklaces and bangles. …
  2. Know when to stop. …
  3. Carefully consider your earrings. …
  4. Don’t forget to actually change your earrings. …
  5. Experiment with the sin of mixing metals. …
  6. Work out how to accessorise to complement your clothing while dressing.

How do you wear vintage Jewellery?

Styling and Wearing Vintage Jewelry: Tips from a Pro!

  1. More is always better. I like a few bracelets together. …
  2. Always wear an odd number of bracelets. …
  3. Have a color combination in mind and start with the 1 or 2 bracelets you really want to wear and build from there.
  4. Mix scale and texture. …
  5. Mix high/low.
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