How much does jewelers charge to fix chains?

You can expect to pay somewhere within the price range of $30 to $200 with the average price being in the $30 to $55 range.

Can a jeweler fix a broken chain?

Chains are usually pretty easy to fix, if they’re within a standard thickness around 1.4mm. Depending on the type of chain, the jeweler can cut a link open at one of the two broken ends, thread it through another link, and fuse the gap shut with solder, an easily melted metal alloy that functions like a glue.

Where can I get my chain fixed?

Best necklace repair in Los Angeles, CA

  • Alhambra Jewelry & Gold. 10.8 mi. 48 reviews. …
  • Sam’s Jewelry & Watch Repairs. 4.0 mi. 758 reviews. …
  • Melissa’s Jewelry & Repair. 18.8 mi. …
  • Majestic Time Piece. 1.2 mi. …
  • Fine Jewelry Repair. 14.7 mi. …
  • Culver Center Jeweler. 5.9 mi. …
  • Padani Jewelers. 7.2 mi. …
  • Claydon Jewelers. 13.2 mi.

How long does it take to fix a broken gold chain?

Jewelry Repair Process

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If you need a ring re-sized, a broken chain soldered, or a clasp replaced, you can expect a longer turn-around time of between seven and 10 days, on average. Beware of jewelers that claim they can repair your jewelry in just a few minutes or hours.

Can you fix a broken silver chain?

Rejoin two portions of a broken chain with silver solder if it is too fine to repair using a jump ring. This process can be done on a standard wood or metal work bench. But first, soak the two portions of broken chain for five minutes in pickle — an acidic solution used to clean metal before and after it is soldered.

Place your gold chain on a work surface or a ceramic soldering board. Use a pair of tweezers to fit the two ends of your chain back together and press the links to close them. Now apply a little amount of the solder to the joint or the broken parts of your chain links using a cotton swab.

Can gold chains be fixed?

If the damage can be fixed, the jeweler will either oil the hinge, bend it back into shape, or rebuild any broken parts. When the clasp is damaged beyond repair, the jeweler will simply replace it and assemble it to the rest of the chain with some snipping and soldering.

Can a gold box chain be repaired?

The chain is so small that it looks like a rope or braided wire. Solder a gold rope chain to make your own necklace or to repair a broken one. Gold rope chain can easily be repaired at home by applying a layer of gold paste solder and a little bit of heat.

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Can rope chains be fixed?

Rope Chain Repair:

Much like the snake chain, the rope chain appears to be impossible to fix when broken. However, it can be soldered, but will require a little more work due to the complexity of the links.

How much does it cost to repair a 10K gold chain?

Soldering a Broken Chain: $20-$230

This will cost you anywhere from $20 to $230 depending on the type of metal and the area of the chain that needs to be soldered. These repairs an be very affordable, such as soldering a link of a simple gold or platinum chains which will cost around $20 and $35 respectively.

How much is a 14K gold chain worth?

All I can tell you with certainty is that if pure gold is selling for $1300/oz. and the weight of the 14k chain is 20 grams, then the melt price of the gold is worth $484.88.

How much is a 14k gold rope chain worth?

Item Description Click on item for more info Approximate Weight Price
14k Gold 1.0mm Italian Diamond Cut Rope Chain 18″ In 3.00 grams $184.00

How can I temporarily fix a broken necklace?

Use a Pencil Eraser as an Earring Back in a Pinch

Keep going until the ring sits in the middle of the paperclip. Then, whenever you want to wear the necklace, slide the other side of the clasp (the loop part) onto the paper clip and stop when it gets to the first curve.

What can I do with old necklace chains?

15 Fun Ways to Upcycle Broken Necklaces

  1. Broken necklace chains to hoop earrings. …
  2. DIY gemstone hair pins. …
  3. Necklace pendant phone case. …
  4. Rhinestone sweater from a repurposed necklace. …
  5. Headband from a broken necklace. …
  6. Necklace chain ring and bracelet. …
  7. Necklace pendant clutch. …
  8. Fabric wrapped bangles with necklace rhinestones.
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What does it mean when a necklace breaks?

In the case that the necklace was a gift, it is seen as a symbolic bond. So, if the necklace breaks, it’s seen as a sign that that bond is going to end or has ended. Most people believe that you shouldn’t continue wearing the broken necklace as it may increase the bad luck it brings.

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