Is Diamond Like Carbon Conductive?

Diamond-like carbon (DLC) films have attracted much attention because of their excellent properties, such as high hardness, high wear resistance, low friction coefficient, chemical inertness, and high electrical resistivity [1].

What is Diamond-Like Carbon made of?

7.17. 5 Improving the Wear Resistance C/C by Coating the C/C. Diamond-like carbon (DLC) is amorphous carbon that displays some of the typical properties of diamond, due to its carbon atoms being mainly sp3 hybridized, as in diamond.

Is DLC coating conductive?

DLC – DLC contact also produced higher conductivity measurements compared to DLC – Steel contact. The conductivity of Steel – Steel contact was in a similar range as DLC – DLC contact.

What color is diamond-like carbon?

DLC Coatings – Diamond-Like Carbon

DLC Characteristics Common DLC Applications
• Attractive color range from anthracite to deep black • Plastic injection molding tools
• Watches and jewelry
• Medical instruments
• Cutting tools

What is DLC coating made of?

Like graphite and diamond, DLC is made of carbon, but it has a combination of sp2 and sp3 bonds. As a result, a DLC coating has a combination of the properties of both diamond and graphite. For example, it can be very hard but also have very low friction.

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Is DLC coating worth it?

Since DLC coating is much harder, making it bond to a metal surface is a much more complicated process, hence, it is pricier than the PVD. … The DLC coating will, again, be more pricier than PVD, but if you’re heading to extreme adventures quite often, it may be well worth the investment.

What is the purpose of coating diamonds?

make them last longer and wear better, and coatings can protect softer gemstones such as emeralds. Ball bearings can exploit the friction-free property of diamond surfaces. Diamond’s chemical inertness makes it useful as a corrosion-resistant coating for materials used in corrosive environments.

What are the 3 elements of DLC?

Characteristics of DLC film. DLC is a metastable form of amorphous carbon containing a significant fraction of sp3 bonds. It can have a high mechanical hardness, chemical inertness, optical transparency, and low friction. In DLC, carbon is able to exist in three hybridizations, sp3, sp2, and sp1, as shown in Figure 1.

How hard is DLC?


DLC in all forms is extremely hard. Depending on which form is applied, DLC is as hard, or even harder, than natural diamond. In ta-C form, DLC typically measures between 5000-9000HV. … The high hardness of DLC coatings reduces the likelihood of hard particle penetration into tools or parts.

How much does DLC coating cost?

DLC coating is a lot-based process, with parts loaded into a chamber and then treated. A typical lot charge might be on the order of $1,000-$1,500. Depending on your part size and whether you are able to use a process that other customers are already running, you may be able to pay less for a few small parts.

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How does diamond coating work?

Deposits of the diamond coatings are realised on cutting plates made in tungsten carbide, which is also the substrate of the commercial plates. The process allows a film deposition of synthesised diamond with a high growth speed, at low energy consumption.

Is DLC coating durable?

The layer is extremely durable and scratch-resistant. The name diamond-like-carbon means that the layer is as scratch-resistant as diamonds. … DLC is harder than steel, which means that a DLC coated watch has increased durability and resistance to scratches.

What is amorphous diamond?

Amorphous diamond, a new super-hard form of carbon created under ultrahigh pressure. … A new form of carbon that rivals diamonds in its hardness, but has an amorphous structure similar to glass, has been produced under ultrahigh pressure in laboratory experiments.

Can stainless steel be DLC coated?

Diamond like carbon (DLC) coating can reduce the wear and corrosion of these metal alloys. … The failure mode of DLC coatings on 316L stainless steel and CoCrMo alloy in the friction test is coating delamination. The DLC coating on Ti6Al4V alloy shows the best wear resistance due to its good adhesion.

Can you remove DLC coating?

Yes. DLC coating can be removed or stripped if required. While the DLC layer can be removed within the same coating chamber using a reactive plasma-based process, removal of the PVD underlayer(s) requires components to be immersed in a chemical solution for a certain time period.

Can you Cerakote over DLC?

Yes DLC isn’t the most corrosion resistant coating you can get, cerakote in that respect fares much better.

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