Is electrode good emerald?

Electrode is still a rather average Pokemon, but has incredible Speed and a somewhat unique movepool if you extend it to TMs. Magneton has a less unique movepool, but has interesting stats with a good Sp. Attack and Defense.

Is electrode good Pokemon?

When looking at Electrode, its base 140 Speed stat instantly jumps out; this makes Electrode the second fastest Pokemon in NU, only outsped by Ninjask. Its Special Attack is just good enough to complement its excellent Speed, allowing it to be an efficient revenge killer.

Is electrode better than magneton?

Electrode is better overall to magneton, as eletrode has at least been played for something other then energy (well, energy bombing…).

What is the best electric type Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald?

Manectric is an amazing Electric-type Pokemon. Shockwave is its best move and will do some serious damage to even those that it is not supereffective against. Manectric is very fast and has a high Special Attack stat. Compared to the very few Electric-type in Hoenn, Manectric reigns supreme.

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Is Plusle good emerald?

Plusle has always been good. You just need to find the right move set and it can be amazing. I carried a Plusle throughout my gens run ever since getting it in Emerald. It did funny set ups with Baton Pass and Nasty Plot.

What is Muk weak against?


What is Liepard weak against?


Which is better jolteon or raichu?

Jolteon is much better than Raichu because Jolteon can learn way more moves than Raichu. Raichu only has Quick Attack, Thunderbolt, Thunder Shock, and Tail Whip for a moveset. Raichu can learn more moves only thru TM’s. Jolteon is faster and quicker than Raichu.

Is Magnemite good Pokemon Emerald?

It’s okay. Magneton has a very strong special attack and hits brutally hard with Thunderbolt, but it has no notable special coverage to speak of, and neither of its abilities will be of great help for a playthrough.

Does Magnemite evolve?


What is the most powerful Pokemon in Emerald?

As for the strongest, in Emerald the legendary pokemon is Rayquaza.

Is Shiftry good in emerald?

I’d recommend Shiftry. They are both good Pokemon, however the stats on Shiftry seem a little higher. Though if you focus more on Attack over other stats, then get Breloom. Breloom’s attack stat is 130, whilst it’s other stats are under 70.

What are the strongest Pokemon in Emerald?

  • Swampert: Obviously the best starter available in the game. …
  • Breloom: Shroomish helps a lot in the starting parts of the game. …
  • Aggron: Realy strong Pokemon with high attack. …
  • Camerupt:I have put Numel because there are no good fire types in the game and it is the best (until you obtain primal Groudon)
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Is Gulpin a good Pokemon in Emerald?

Gulpin is a very bad pokemon, reasons: 1-He has very bad stats even whenhe evolves. 2-His abailtys are bad. 3-He’s one of the very worst types.

Which is better Plusle or minun?

Plusle has a higher ATK (167) and Minun has a higher DEF (167). In other Pokémon games, trainers would prefer to have Minun in their teams because of it can withstand a little more damage than Plusle. In Pokémon Go, Plusle is more favorable simply because it has a higher CP.

What is Ralts hidden ability?

Ralts has the ability to sense the emotions of people. … It is highly attuned to the emotions of people and Pokémon. It hides if it senses hostility. Shield. If its horns capture the warm feelings of people or Pokémon, its body warms up slightly.

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