Is King Diamond an atheist?

Diamond follows LaVeyan Satanism, which he does not see as a religion, but a philosophy by which he lived even before reading Anton LaVey’s The Satanic Bible. Michael Moynihan calls him “one of the only performers of the ’80s Satanic Metal who was more than just a poseur using a devilish image for shock value”.

What genre is King Diamond?

King Diamond/Жанры

How did King Diamond get his name?

According to Diamond, when he, Denner, and Hansen decided to form a new band, they chose the name “King Diamond” to “get better deals”, and because the name was already known from Mercyful Fate.

Where is King Diamond from?

Хвидовр, Дания

What band was King Diamond in?

King Diamond/Музыкальные группы

Who is the guitarist for King Diamond?

Mike Wead

Does King Diamond still tour?

There are no upcoming events.

Is Mercyful Fate black metal?

Mercyful Fate were a part of the first wave of black metal, along with other groups, such as Venom, Bathory, and Hellhammer. … Fellow thrash metal band Metallica recorded a medley of Mercyful Fate songs on their 1998 Garage Inc. cover album.

What was King Diamond’s first album?


Who is the singer of Mercyful Fate?

Mercyful Fate. Mercyful Fate was formed in early 1981 in Copenhagen, Denmark, by vocalist King Diamond and guitar player Hank Shermann. Guitarist Michael Denner, Bassist Timi Hansen and drummer Kim Ruzz soon joined to complete the band line-up.

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How old is Judas Priest Rob Halford?

69 years (August 25, 1951)

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