Is uncut gems safe to watch?

The MPA rated Uncut Gems R for pervasive strong language, violence, some sexual content and brief drug use.

Is uncut gems gory?

Violence & Gore (8)

A man gets punched in the throat, and is later hit in the nose and thrown into a fountain. Some bloody tissues are shown in the next scene as his girlfriend cleans him up. A young man is carried out of a mine with a heavily bleeding leg injury. His bones are briefly exposed.

Should I watch uncut gems?

Many critics and fans have united to say that Uncut Gems is a pretty great movie, especially if you enjoy movies that give you anxiety. … Uncut Gems follows the events of a few days in Howard’s life. Idina Menzel, Lakeith Stanfield, and Julia Fox have supporting roles.

Is uncut gems good or bad?

UNCUT GEMS works because of the filmmaking brio and Sandler’s driven performance. Still, at times, it seems to be trying too hard. It works best in the last act when the Safdies let the drama play out more. It’s a good film, even if not quite up to GOOD TIME.

How many cuss words are in uncut gems?

According to Screen It!, a movie review website for parents, the f-word is said 408 times in Uncut Gems, or approximately three times a minute. This puts the film in seventh place for having the most f-bombs in movie history. In sixth place is Martin Scorsese’s 1990 film, Casino, with 422 f-words.

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How many swear words are in uncut gems?

Bringing together all of the F-bombs in “Uncut Gems” isn’t a quick endeavor. The film has a total of 506 F-bombs, which puts it in the number four position on the list of movies with the most F-bombs.

Does Netflix have uncut gems?

Uncut Gems, one of Adam Sandler’s best movies, is now streaming on Netflix in the US.

Where can u watch uncut gems?

Uncut Gems | Netflix Official Site.

Are uncut gems bad?

It’s not one of the best films of the decade. It’s painful, stressful, agonizing and unpleasant to sit through. Extremely so. The noise of this movie is unbearable.

How much of uncut gems was true?

Uncut Gems is not a true story, but I don’t blame anyone who thought it might be. That’s because Uncut Gems feels like a true story, blending the lines between reality and fiction, thanks to the Safdie Brothers, who meticulously researched and recreated the real world surrounding Howard Ratner’s fictional bet.

How stressful is uncut gems?

Like watching one of those dreams where you turn up to work with no trousers on, the bad decisions pile up and Uncut Gems becomes an almost unbearably stressful watch. Achieved through frenetic dialogue and increasingly dire stakes, the film is guaranteed to trigger a bout of anxiety in most right-minded people.

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