Question: Who is the protagonist in the false gems?

The main characters in “The Jewelry” (or “The False Gems”) include Monsieur and Madame Lantin and the first and second jewelers. Monsieur Lantin discovers that his late wife’s supposedly fake jewels are real.

Who is the antagonist in the jewels?

Morgana is is a major character in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders. She is the main antagonist of the series’ second and final season, voiced by Deborah Allison, and is also known as Queen Morgana, the Enchantress Morgana and the Sorceress Morgana (Morgana the Sorceress).

What is the conflict in the false gems?

Conflict. Man vs Fate (External): Monsieur Lantin vs Fate: His wife dies due to inflammation of her lungs.

What is the moral of the false gems?

The moral of the story is that virtuous living is not always the key to happiness. Monsieur Lantin was happier with a woman of less virtue. He was complete in her love. He felt completely loved by the woman of less virtue than he did by the more virtuous woman.

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What is the conflict in the jewels?

The main conflict in the story is that of deceit. The jewels, the betrayal of M. Lantin’s wife and the realization of reality are all that are believed to be the conflicts in “The Jewelry”.

Who is the protagonist in the jewels?

Mathilde Loisel

The protagonist of the story. Mathilde has been blessed with physical beauty but not with the affluent lifestyle she yearns for, and she feels deeply discontented with her lot in life.

Who is the protagonist in the jewelry?

There are two main characters:

Lantin , the protagonist and his wife whom was remained nameless but called as Madame Lantin in the story.

What is the irony in the false gems?

The ultimate irony of “The False Gems” comes at the end of the story, when readers learn the fate of the narrator. He is sure of his beloved wife’s fidelity and virtue, but he is completely miserable because she has a violent temper.

Why does M Lantin think his wife should not go out in fake jewelry?

Lantin think his wife should not go out in false jewelry? He thinks she should dress according to her means. It makes her look like a Gypsy, and he hates Gypsies. He is embarrassed at the thought that everyone will know of their poverty.

What does the jewelry symbolize in the false gems?

The jewels that are left to Monseir Lantin from his wife, ‘the treasure’, symbolizes his wife. … Before her death, she is his moral treasure. After her death she becomes his material treasure. That way she is both moral and material treasure of Monseir Lantin.

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How did Monsieur Lantin become rich suddenly?

Monsieur Lantin discovers that his late wife’s supposedly fake jewels are real. Selling them, he becomes rich and exaggerates his wealth to others.

Who wrote the false gem?

Guy de Maupassant

How did Monsieur Lantin wife die?

One evening, in winter, she had been to the opera, and returned home chilled through and through. The next morning she coughed, and eight days later she died of inflammation of the lungs. Monsieur Lantin’s despair was so great that his hair became white in one month.

What is the theme of the jewels?

The jewels are also part of the theme of authenticity because the fact that they are real is what ultimately shows Mrs. Lantin for who she really is. After she dies, Mr. Lantin has no choice but to try and sell what he believes to be fake jewels.

What is the foreshadowing in the necklace?

The foreshadowing occurs when we see that Mme. Forestier easily agrees to loan the necklace, and the jeweler states that he only supplied the box. These are clues that the necklace was not as valuable as Mathilde and her husband believed.

What is the setting of the jewels?

The setting of the story is nineteenth-century Paris, and the main character is Monsieur Lantin, a clerk with the Ministry of the Interior. The rising action takes place during a party. There, Monsieur Lantin meets his ideal woman.

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