Quick Answer: Do gems crack in trove?

Higher gems do have a higher chance to crack as they have a lot more chances to fail (even just upgrading to 10 you will notice it).

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How do gems work in trove?

The Gems in Trove help you reach higher Power Ranks and customize your characters to fit any situation! Current Value – The current stat value on your gem. Stat Slot – Each stat on a gem is assigned to a specific slot (to a max of 3).

Can you combine gems in trove?

In Trove, players can upgrade their class even further using Gems. These Gems will allow players to add additional stats, buffs and ability modifications to their class to enter higher Uber worlds and/or take on the Shores of the Everdark World.

When do you get more stars on your gem?

Stars Power Rank
***** 1350+

What is the highest rarity in trove?

The rarities in order are:

  • Common (Colourless)
  • Uncommon (Green)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Epic (Purple)
  • Legendary (Gold/Orange)
  • Relic (Red)
  • Resplendent (Rainbow)
  • Shadow (Black)
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Where can I farm fire gems in trove?

Fire Gems are a type of Gems used to empower the player’s character. While these can be found in ordinary Gem Boxes, they can be found more consistently from Fire Gem Boxes found in Igneous Islands Adventure Portals.

How do you get stronger in 2020 trove?

You can reach higher Power Ranks by:

  1. Leveling Classes – You will receive 15 PR for every level.
  2. Equipping Emblem and Vial items – You will get 50 PR for each one.
  3. Improving gear – You can add special pearls to set that give 22.5 PR for each one.


How do you get empowered gems in trove 2021?

Empowered Gems are a type of equipable gear that comes in various colors and set stats that help empower player’s classes. These Gems can only be obtained commonly/uncommonly through un-boxing Empowered Gem Boxes. Unlike normal gems, Empowered gems each have their own special ability that can be added to any class.

What is the best class in trove?

If you like being more of a Tank, then Candy Barbarian or Dracolyte would be best. If you want a class that is ranged with high DPS, go for Fae Trickster. If you like having summons to fight for you, you can use Pirate Captain or Tomb Raiser.

What stats can you get on gems trove?

Possible stats are:

  • Physical Damage.
  • Magic Damage.
  • Critical Damage.
  • Critical Hit.
  • Maximum Health.
  • % Maximum Health.
  • Health Regeneration.


How do you use GEMS in 2020 trove?

Players can equip gems in the Character Sheet under the Gems Tab. From there players can socket and upgrade gems (using materials like Gem Dust, flux, and Gem Boosters.

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Can you trade lunar souls?

It is unable to be traded, purchased, or sold.

How does Magic Find work in trove?

When Magic Find triggers, it upgrades a piece of gear to a higher rarity than what is normally dropped in the player’s current world. Magic find has a chance to trigger multiple times, increasing the rarity even further.

How do I get binding darkness?

Binding Darkness is a gem crafting material used to craft gem augments at the Adventurer’s Crafting Bench. This item can be obtained as a common/uncommon drop from Gem Booster Boxes, a rare drop from world bosses in Adventure Worlds, or a rare drop from any monster in a Shadow Tower (excluding cursed skulls spawns).

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