Quick Answer: How do you get a star gem?

It is created by making 2 intersecting matches (in a “T”, “L”, or “+” shape). When detonated, it destroys all gems and detonates Special Gems along with its horizontal and vertical axes.

How do you get star gems in Bejeweled?

Create powerful Special Gems by matching 4 or more gems of the same type.

  1. Flame Gem: Match 4 Gems in a line or a square.
  2. Star Gem: Match 5 Gems in a T or L shape.
  3. Hypercube: Match 5 Gems in a row.
  4. Dark Hypercube: Match 6 or more Gems in a row.


How do you get a star gem Universal Time?

Star Gem

  1. Uses. Made in Heaven + Star Gem = Nuclear Star.
  2. Rarity. 1/15.
  3. Spawnrate. 3600s.
  4. Music. Rain of Amethyst.

How do you match star gems in Bejeweled Blitz?

To get a star gem, you have to match 3 vertical gems with 3 horizontal gems, in a L shape or T shape. (or it can happen in a greek cross ✚ shape during cascade.)

What is a star gem in Bejeweled?

Bejeweled Stars. Created by making two intersecting matches. Match it to fire lightning 4 ways! Bejeweled Blitz PC version, mouseover description. Star Gem is a type of Special Gem that appears in the Bejeweled series that was first appeared in the 2010 update of Bejeweled Blitz.

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What are Emojis for in Bejeweled stars?

So we’ve created a system called Charms, which are basically Bejeweled Stars emoji, which you can use to express yourself. You might put some emoji together to tell stories about what you’re doing. You might display a rare emoji that you got because you completed an achievement.

What does gem do in a universal time?

The Crystal Gem is an Item that is used to get Crystallized. Has a spawn rate of 3600 seconds : 1 / 15. It has no despawn time.

What does crystal gem do in a universal time?

The Crystal Gem is an item that spawns every 3600 seconds with a 1 in 8 chance (12.5%). Similar to the Star Gem. A player holding a Crystal Gem. It turns Made in Heaven into Crystallized.

What does a star gem do in Aut?

It is very similar to the Crystal Gem. It turns Made in Heaven to Nuclear Star. A player holding a Star Gem.

What is a rare gem in Bejeweled Blitz?

Rare Gems are a great way to supercharge your Bejeweled Blitz game for high scores and extra Coin payouts. Rare Gems are rare and beautiful gems which you can find and harvest by playing Bejeweled Blitz. Each Rare Gem has its own unique gameplay effect.

Is bejeweled free?

Stars mode will open a separate, free Bejeweled Stars App. … This app requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy, TOS and EULA; includes in-game advertising; contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites and the Internet intended for an audience over 13.

What is a star gem in blitz game?

Star Gems – Using a Rare Gem that transforms nearby gems to its own color, like Coralite or Glitterbug, can be helpful in creating Star Gems on the board.

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What’s a hypercube in Bejeweled Blitz?

Hypercube- A Hypercube is a special item that eliminates all gems of one color (whichever color the Hypercube is matched with). A Hypercube is made by matching 5 gems of the same color in a row.

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