Quick Answer: How far is Black Diamond from Turner Valley?

How far apart are Turner Valley and Black Diamond?

Turner Valley and Black Diamond are just three kilometres apart, each with a population of around 2,700 and their own history and identity.

What is Turner Valley known for?

Snuggled against the base of the Rocky Mountains, Turner Valley is one of the gateways to the Kananaskis and a town rich with history. Known as being the birthplace of Alberta’s petroleum industry, this cool little town offers a variety of exciting experiences.

Where is the Black Diamond in Black Diamond?

It is located at the intersection of Highway 22 (Cowboy Trail) and Highway 7. Its first post office opened in 1907. Black Diamond was so named because of coal deposits near the original town site. It is a sister town to Turner Valley.

Black Diamond, Alberta.

Black Diamond
• Village May 8, 1929
• Town January 1, 1956

What’s Open in Black Diamond?

Restaurants in Black Diamond‎

  • The Westwood. (65) Closed today. …
  • Soft Rock Bistro. (70) Closed today. …
  • Chuckwagon Cafe. (272) Open Now. …
  • Saigon Moon Family Vietnamese Restaurant. (23) Open Now. …
  • Foothills Pizza & Pasta. (31) …
  • Black Diamond Pub Restaurant. (15) …
  • Marv’s Classic Soda Shop. (126) …
  • Diamond Valley Restaurant. (13)
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Where does Albertas money come from?

In 2006, the mining, oil and gas extraction industry accounted for 29.1% of GDP; by 2012 it was 23.3%; in 2013, it was 24.6% of Alberta’s $331.9 billion GDP, and in 2016, the mining, oil and gas extraction industry accounted for about 27.9% of Alberta’s GDP.

What can you do on the Cowboy Trail?

  • Ram River Tours / South Ram Outfitters. Read More.
  • Cochrane. Read More.
  • Cowboy Trail Market. Read More.
  • Sunset Guiding & Outfitting. Read More.
  • Bragg Creek, Alberta. Read More.
  • Sundre Pioneer Museum Featuring the Chester Mjolsness World of Wildlife Exhibit. Read More.
  • Historic Reesor Ranch. Read More.
  • Town of Pincher Creek. Read More.

Is Black Diamond rare?

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How can you tell if a black diamond is real?

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How can you tell if a black diamond is raw?

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Who owns Black Diamond?

In the years since the company’s founding in 1978, founder and CEO Janice Feldman and her exceptional team have…

What’s Near Black Diamond?

Neighbouring Towns: What to Do on a Day Trip to Black Diamond and Turner Valley

  • Anchor D Guiding & Outfitting. …
  • Black Diamond Coal Car. …
  • Eau Claire Distillery. …
  • Friendship Trail. …
  • Full Circle Adventures. …
  • Hard Knox Brewery. …
  • Pops Barbershop. …
  • Sheep River Falls.


What is there to do in Longview Alberta?

The top attractions to visit in Longview are:

  • Bar U Ranch National Historic Site.
  • Cowboy Trail.
  • The Lost American Art Gallery and Museum.
  • Livingstone Falls Recreation Area.
  • Little Chicago – Royalties Monument.
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