Quick Answer: Is Zari older than diamond?

Some people argue that Diamond cheated on Zari because of the age difference. For starters, Zari is 9 years older than her baby daddy.

What is the age difference between Zari and Diamond?

It has been revealed that socialite Zari Hassan aka the Boss Lady is about 12 years older than the Bongo Flava crooner Diamond Platinumz. This was recently revealed after her passport was leaked by unknown people. Images of the passport show that Zari was born on September 23, 1978.

When did Diamond start dating Zari?

Zari Hassan is the girlfriend to East Africa’s top artist Diamond Platinumz with whom they have a daughter and a son. The pair started dating back in 2014 following the break up of Diamond and actress Wema Sepetu.

Is Diamond Back with Zari?

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan now says bongo star Diamond Platnumz is back in her life but just to provide for their two children.

Why did Zari and Diamond break up?

Obvious reason? Infidelity. She revealed how she could no longer stomach the bongo artist’s cheating ways and for the sake of her wellbeing, she had been forced to end their relationship. Hours after posting, her message has gone viral with her fans baying for Diamond’s blood.

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How old is diamond platinum?

31 years (October 2, 1989)

How rich is Zari The Boss Lady?

Zari walks home with a total of 350 million per month. Zari’s net worth has been put up to USD 8.8 million.

Who is Diamond’s new girlfriend?

Close family friend and popular gossiper Juma Lokole on Friday confirmed the woman is Diamond’s new girlfriend and they have dated for at least six months. Also Read: Zari reacts after Diamond Platnumz buys Rolls Royce Cullinan 2021 worth over Ksh70 million.

Who is Diamond wife?

Both Diamond and Zari have however moved on with their lives. Diamond is set to get married this year to his Kenyan girlfriend Tanasha Donna.

What did Diamond say about Zari?

Diamond clearly proclaimed that Zari and Tiffah are his very being, ‘Roho ya Mimi,’ meaning he loves them to the core. Many of his fans were impressed – and camped on the comments section to pamper the two with affection.

Born on November 4, 1985 in Tanzania, Mwanajuma Abdul Juma alias Queen Darleen, is a Tanzanian musician and producer. She is the half (elder) sister to Naseeb Abdul Juma, popularly known by his stage name, Diamond Platnumz.

Where is Zari Hassan now?

Zarinah Hassan (born 23 September 1980), commonly known as Zari Hassan, is a Ugandan socialite, musician and businesswoman, who resides in South Africa, where she runs businesses.

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