Quick Answer: Was there a sequel to Jewel of the Nile?

Tracing their intertwining careers, Douglas came to talk about the sequel to their hit Romancing the Stone. Thirty five years later, many fans of the film may not even know there was a sequel. The 1985 film, The Jewel of the Nile, is not remembered fondly by fans of the original.

What movie came after Jewel of the Nile?

Alan Silvestri, who would collaborate with Zemeckis on his later films, composed the film’s score. Romancing the Stone was released on March 30, 1984, to positive reviews from critics and earned over $115 million worldwide at the box office. It was followed by a 1985 sequel titled The Jewel of the Nile.

What is the sequel to Jewel of the Nile?

Romancing The Stone + The Jewel Of The Nile – 2 DVD Disc Set.

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How many Romancing the Stone movies are there?

Romancing the Stone Series/Фильмы

Is there a 3rd Romancing the Stone?

Thirteen years after Michael Douglas’ star-making role in Romancing the Stone, Twentieth Century Fox is developing a third installment in the series.

Did they kill a real snake in Romancing the Stone?

The next day is the stone part. The snake we see in the movie is called a Bushmaster, but it’s not. … They might have even used a dead snake after he kills it. They also used a real snake when we see it crawl up into the air behind Joan’s head.

What does the term Romancing the Stone mean?

The phrase “Romancing the Stone” is a piece of jewelers’ jargon, referring to a step in preparing a gem for use in jewelry.

Who is the girl in the opening scene of Romancing the Stone?

Kathleen Turner reveals how she fell for Romancing The Stone co-star Michael Douglas… before his wife visited the set. She’s a big screen bombshell, with many a leading man falling for her.

How old was Michael Douglas when he did Romancing the Stone?

IMDb Rating: 6.9

Actor Age then Age now
Robert Zemeckis 33 70
Michael Douglas 40 76
Kathleen Turner 30 67
Danny DeVito 40 76

How much would the emerald in Romancing the Stone be worth?

2 questions. Question: What is it likely that the stone (an emerald, I gather) was worth in 1984 US dollars? Answer: Any emerald over 1 carat in that beautiful cut and condition would probably go for over 250 million.

Are Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner still friends?

After Romancing and two more hit films in the 1980s, The Jewel of the Nile and The War of the Roses, Turner and Douglas kept in touch and have remained friends for nearly 40 years. “You protect and cherish when you’ve got a good relationship,” says Douglas.

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How old is Kathleen Turner now?

67 years (June 19, 1954)

What is Michael Douglas’s net worth?

As of 2021, Michael Douglas’ net worth is estimated to be roughly $350 million. Michael Kirk Douglas is an American actor and producer who’s been received numerous accolades, including two Academy Awards, six Golden Globe Awards, a Primetime Emmy Award, and the AFI Life Achievement Award.

What ever happened to Kathleen Turner?

After so many years of her career, Kathleen Turner recently gets into the buzz again. After joining the cast of “The Kominsky Method” she reunites with Michael Douglas on the show. … Answering the question Kathleen said she had a crush on Michael Douglas while romancing in the movies.

Where was romance in the air filmed?

Romance in the Air filming location includes major areas of Lake Tahoe and Utah, as reported on Afterbuzztv. The lead actor of the film Coombs stated the same mentioning that they filmed in Park City location of Utah as well as Lake Tahoe.

Was Romancing the Stone filmed in Colombia?

Although the majority of Romancing The Stone was filmed on location in Mexico (Colombia in the mid 1980’s was not necessarily the best location to film a big budget Hollywood production), I still wanted to go to Colombia.

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