Quick Answer: What does sapphire mean in Garmin?

​Both the Garmin Fenix 3 and Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire are multi-sport tracking watches with their main feature being GPS tracking. These watches can be used to track activities such as running, cycling, swimming, hiking, rowing, golf, and more.

Is sapphire glass on Garmin worth it?

If you can swing it, it’s absolutely worth the premium cost. The gorilla glass does not offer the level of protection or hardness sapphire does. And on a purely opinionated point, it looks considerably better in itself.

What is sapphire on Garmin Fenix?

It has all the advanced functions, and it is equipped with the same type of glass that you find in most the Garmin watches – what is called the Corning Gorilla Glass. Sapphire – The Sapphire model has all the same functions as the Pro model. But the Sapphire model is instead equipped with scratch-free sapphire glass.

Does Garmin sapphire scratch?

Sapphire scores a solid 9 out of 10 on the Mohs mineral hardness scale, just below diamond, making it even more scratch resistant than mineral glass. With its awesome capabilities, sapphire comes at a premium.

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Is power glass stronger than sapphire?

Sapphire crystal glass is the third hardest mineral, right behind diamond. … Garmin calls this Power Glass and it’s also scratch-resistant, but not as much as the Sapphire model (it’s Corning Gorilla Glass 3 with DX Coating).

Is Sapphire better than Gorilla Glass?

According to the earlier UBreakIFix video, Gorilla Glass can bend more during a four-point bend test than Sapphire. Sapphire might be more scratch-resistant, but its ability to withstand a drop-induced bend or deformation isn’t as great as Gorilla Glass.

What’s the difference between gorilla glass and sapphire glass?

Sapphire Glass is manufactured differently than Gorilla Glass. … While this makes sapphire glass extremely scratch resistant and harder than Gorilla Glass, it’s much more expensive to produce with some reports of it being up to 10 times more expensive.

What is the difference between Fenix 5 and Sapphire?


In the Fenix 5 collection, the Sapphire models also have WiFi (the normal ones do not), which makes the transfer of data from watch to smartphone a bit easier. But otherwise they are identical to the normal editions.

Is Garmin 6x Pro Sapphire?

It is tested to U.S. military standards for thermal, shock and water resistance. The Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Sapphire edition adds a scratch-resistant sapphire lens and premium materials.


Warranty 2 Year Official Warranty
Lens material Sapphire crystal
Bezel material Carbon grey DLC stainless steel

What is the best Garmin watch on the market?

The best Garmin watch 2021: feature-packed watches tested and ranked

  • Garmin Fenix 6. The best Garmin watch overall. …
  • Garmin Forerunner 945. The best Garmin watch for serious athletes. …
  • Garmin Venu 2. The best Garmin watch for all-day wear. …
  • Garmin Forerunner 55. …
  • Garmin Vivoactive 4S. …
  • Garmin Instinct Solar. …
  • Garmin Venu Sq.
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Does sapphire glass need a screen protector?

Sapphire is the second hardest material to diamond. And I have zero scratches on my screen. If you put a screen protector on the sapphire display, it’s understandable. But I don’t think it’s necessary.

How do you get scratches out of sapphire crystal?

Sapphire Crystal:

  1. Cover up the bezel with tape to avoid damage.
  2. Rub a small amount of your chosen polish over the case in a circular motion, using a soft polishing rag.
  3. Repeat if necessary and watch the scratch vanish.


What is sapphire glass?

Sapphire glass is a synthetic material

The natural compound aluminum oxide is ground into a powder, then heated to at least 3,600 °F. For use in a device like a watch, it’s then processed into sheets — and without any impurities present, the resulting sapphire glass is a totally clear material.

How strong is sapphire glass?

Sapphire glass is not only hard but also strong. Because it shares similar properties with naturally-occurring sapphire, it has a compressive strength of 2000 mega Pascals. This makes the material about 10 times stronger than stainless steel.

Is Garmin power glass strong?

The large 1.4-inch display also features tough, scratch-resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass DX which enhances display readability through a 75% improvement in front surface reflection.

What happened to Apple sapphire glass?

GT Advanced quickly imploded under the strain of trying to mass-produce sapphire glass, filing for bankruptcy mere months after beginning work at the Arizona plant. … In the end, Apple’s sapphire stumble didn’t entirely keep the material from appearing on Apple devices.

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