Quick Answer: What lesson do we learn from the chapter diamond necklace?

Moral lesson – “Beauty is only skin-deep.” This proverbial expression is the story’s main lesson, meaning that a pleasing appearance is no guide to character. Greed versus Generosity – Mathilde is filled with discontent, greed and appearances, while her husband is content and generous in his station in life.

What do you learn after reading the chapter the necklace explain?

Answer: One of the lessons learned in Guy de Maupassant’s short story, “The Necklace,” is that of the dangers of extreme personal vanity. Madame Loisel was single-mindedly absorbed with the idea of the ball to which she and her husband were invited.

What message or lesson does the story the necklace teach us how?

The theme of the short story, « The Necklace » is to be happy with who you are and what you have. Madame Loisel lived in the middle class society but longed to be a member of high society. She wanted to live above her means and would do whatever it took to get there.

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What is the plot of the necklace?

Plot. Madame Mathilde Loisel has always imagined herself an aristocrat, despite being born into a family of clerks (which she describes as an “accident of fate”). Her husband is a low-paid clerk who tries his best to make her happy but has little to give.

What is the main irony of the story the necklace?

Perhaps the most bitter irony of “The Necklace” is that the arduous life that Mathilde must assume after losing the necklace makes her old life—the one she resented so fully—seem luxurious.

What is the author’s message in the necklace?

The author’s message was to acknowledge the things in life that may only come once in a lifetime because those little things are what make a person what they are. In Paris around the 1800’s,Mathilde is in her small home moping about how miserable she feels.

What is the conflict of the story necklace?

The conflict is that Mathilde loses the necklace and has to give up the one thing she has to give it back. A conflict is, simply put, a struggle between opposing forces. Conflicts can internal or external.

What is a metaphor in the necklace?

For example, the necklace in this story is a metaphor for Mathilde’s pride. Mathilde refused to go to the ball unless she had a necklace and dress worthy of her high opinion of herself. This is why she borrowed a necklace from her friend.

What are some examples of irony in the story the necklace?

(“Oh, my poor Mathilde! Why, my necklace was paste. It was worth at most five hundred francs!”) Again, the ironic twist at the end would be an example of situational irony. Mathilde had originally been enamored with a cheap necklace, not noticing that the diamonds were not real.

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Why was Mme Loisel shocked at the end of the story?

The ending of this story is Madame Loisel was shock because the Necklace that she lend is only imitation. She was regretted because she did not to ask apologize from Madame Forestier. Madame Loisel also accepting that all happened to her.

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