What are gems used for in Sonic dash?

In gameplay, the gems are Level Up Items that Sonic the Hedgehog can use to alter the appearance of his shoes, giving him specific Custom Actions.

What are boosters in Sonic dash?

The Dash Boost is a move that appears in Sonic Dash. When performing this technique, the user dashes forward as an unstoppable projectile.

How do you get blue gems in Sonic dash?

Location. The Blue Gem becomes available at the local Shop, once the player clears Tails’ version of the Wave Ocean in the main story. It can then be bought for 7000 Rings.

How do you beat Sonic dash?

Sonic Dash Cheats: 6 Awesome Tips & Tricks Every Player Should…

  1. Don’t Use All Your Rings, Save Them Up. …
  2. Kill More Enemies. …
  3. Give Sonic His New Lease On Life For Free. …
  4. Prioritize Upgrades, Not Power-Ups. …
  5. Relax When Facing The Bosses. …
  6. Buy New Characters With Your Red Star Rings.


How do you use gems in Sonic 06?

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Gems are items you can buy at the store in the Castle Town Adventure Field in Sonic 06. They give Sonic abilities he can use by pressing a button to activate it.

Can Sonic use the Sol Emeralds?

After all seven Sol Emeralds and Chaos Emeralds had been collected, Tails began working on a device that would let him and Sonic use the Emeralds’ power to get them back to their dimension.

Sonic Rush Adventure.

Name Get all Sol Emeralds.
Sol Emerald Blue
Description Reach the Goal of Hidden Island 6.
Requested by Gardon

How many Chaos Emeralds are in Sonic 1?

In this game, there are only six Chaos Emeralds, each one in a different color: blue, yellow, purple, white, red and green.

How do you revive in Sonic dash?

Once your device has powered down, press and hold the Power button again to turn it back on again. For Android: For many devices, press and hold the Power Button and select “Power off”. Once your device has powered down, press and hold the Power button again to turn it back on again.

How do you unlock characters in Sonic dash?

To unlock new character in the game, you will need to complete each build section, once that is done, you will unlock that areas character, which will be available to use straight away.

What does the red gem do in Sonic 06?

Description. The Red Gem is a red emerald cut gem, similar in appearance to a Sol Emerald, that can be equipped on Sonic’s Custom Shoes. When used, it allows Sonic to perform Slow, which slows down time.

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How do you unlock Super Sonic in Sonic 06?

To unlock Super Sonic, the player must first clear the single player campaign as Sonic, and then buy the bottom right picture in Sonic’s photo album in the Sonic Room. In gameplay, Super Sonic plays identical to Sonic, but with stronger attacks.

How do you unlock Super Sonic in Sonic Unleashed?

Secret Cutscene

Once you’ve achieved all S-Ranks and completed all missions in the game, you’ll unlock the final mission. Complete it and collect the hidden item to unlock the “Sonic Omake” cutsecene.

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