What are the gems for in re3?

There are three in fact: a red, blue and green gem, and you might wondering what to do with them. They actually fit in the Resident Evil 3 Railway Clock back at the subway where you start, and will unlock incredibly useful extras like a shotgun stock and inventory boosting hip pouch.

What is the red jewel for re3?

The first gem you’ll come across is the Red Jewel, which is in a Fancy Box inside the safe room of the donut shop. Using this on the memorial near the underground train will get you a grenade. The second jewel requires the Lockpick, which you need to use on the door to the toy shop Downtown.

Where are the 3 gems re3?

All Railway Clock Gem Locations in Resident Evil 3

Red Gem Location: This gem can be found inside the safe room at the Downtown Donut Shop. It’s directly inside a purple box. Examine it to find the Red Gem. Blue Gem Location: This gem can be found inside the supermarket in Downtown.

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What is on nemesis chest re3?

A large metallic device, presumably its power limiter, is clearly visible on its chest. When first seen in the game, Nemesis’ head is covered in plastic wrappings save for a single eyehole. This mask is burned off early on, revealing that the skin on its head appears molten and stretched.

What do you get for beating Resident Evil 3?

Once you finish Resident Evil 3 for the first time, you’ll unlock a shop with a bunch of coveted items including infinite-ammo weapons (the most expensive of which is a rocket launcher), special coins that increase your attack, defense, and even health-regen, and an iconic costume for Jill, just to name a few.

What do red jewels do in re3?

Resident Evil 3 red gem location

It’s just on the right in a purple box as you enter the room. Examine it until you find the catch which will reveal the prompt to open it and reveal the red gem. Fitting that into the subway clock will earn you the stock for the shotgun.

Should I discard the bolt cutters re3?

You cannot discard items you need for the mission, such as the lock pick or bolt cutters. Note that you cannot discard mission-critical items, such as the lock pick or bolt cutters, until they have completed their intended use. Discarding an item is a great way to clear up space when you’re far from a storage crate.

What does Nemesis drop in re3 remake?

The Nemesis will chase you down a concrete hallway underground, which will lead you to a yellow vent cover you can pry off so Jill can get away. Look nearby for a couple of explosive barrels you can use against the Nemesis. Knock him down and he’ll drop a case containing shotgun ammo.

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How many jewels are in re3?

There are three different jewels to find in Resident Evil 3. These three jewels are red, blue, and green and each is hidden in its own fancy box. These boxes are scattered throughout the first area in the game, the main street. You will need to have the bolt cutters and the lock pick to get all the jewels.

Where is the Magnum in re3 remake?

Once you have done exploring the 2F as Jill, approach the blockage in the corridor next to the Nurses’ Station. You can crawl under and drop down into the Courtyard from the window. Open the case and you’ll get the MAG – also known as the Magnum, or .

How many times can you knock down nemesis?

Nemesis cannot be killed! However, he can be temporarily downed by doing enough damage to him in rapid succession, such as several shotgun blasts to the head. This’ll buy you about thirty seconds to make an escape before he gets back up.

How do you beat Nemesis in re3?

Keep running around in a circle, and dodge his attacks. Hit Nemesis with a Flame Round from your Grenade Launcher, and then wait until the fire’s out to hit him again. After a few shots, Carlos will show up to help you out.

How much is Nemesis in re3?

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Playstation

Loose Complete Manual Only Price
$35.00 +$0.46 $58.76 +$3.76 $23.00 $0.00
volume: 1 sale per day 2 sales per day volume: 2 sales per month
Graded Box
$934.99 -$0.01 $14.18 $0.00
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Is The Hot Dogger worth it re3?

User Info: Impei. As someone who’s done knife-only on Hardcore, I can say that the Hot Dogger will help speed up mandatory fights (particularly Nemesis) due to the Damage Over Time effect that it applies. … While you can kill almost everything with the knife, it’s usually not worth the effort.

How do you get unlimited ammo in re3?

After beating the game for the first time on any difficulty, you can find the Cheat Shop under Title Screen, Bonuses, Shop. The way it works is that you gain points for completing the in-game Records (such as certain number of kills with each weapon). These points can be traded in the shop for infinite ammo.

Is Hot Dogger good re3?

The Hot Dogger does everything the survival knife does but with the added bonus of setting enemies on fire when struck, which can really come in handy. You can get the Hot Dogger from the store that unlocks after beating the game once for 7200P, or points.

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