What are the ingredients in connoisseurs jewelry cleaner?

Is Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner Safe?

Connoisseurs jewelry cleaners are formulated specifically to be safe to use on jewelry and using household cleaners meant for other purposes can be harsh on your jewelry. Go to our Jewelry Cleaning Tips Chart to make sure you use the proper cleaner for your specific type of jewelry and read the directions for use.

What is the ingredients in jewelry cleaner?


  • 1 cup water.
  • 1 sheet aluminum foil.
  • 1 tablespoon salt.
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda.
  • 1 tablespoon dish detergent.


Is connoisseurs good for jewelry?

Regular use of Connoisseurs Precious Jewelry Cleaner will bring out the brilliance of your gold, platinum, diamonds & precious stone jewelry. … Connoisseurs Precious jewelry cleaner is a good way to clean most metals used in jewelry today.

Is connoisseurs fine jewelry cleaner safe for sterling silver?

Connoisseurs Silver Jewelry Cleaner is the best silver dip for cleaning sterling silver jewelry, offering a fast, easy way to remove tarnish and add shine and brilliance back to sterling silver jewelry. IMPORTANT: USE ON STERLING SILVER ONLY.

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What do professional jewelers use to clean jewelry?

Jewelers use ultrasonic cleaners with high-frequency sound waves and chemicals to professionally remove dirt off of diamonds.

Does vinegar clean jewelry?

Vinegar. Cleaning your gold and gemstone jewelry couldn’t be easier with white vinegar. Simply drop the jewelry into a jar of vinegar and let sit for 10 to15 minutes, agitating occasionally. Remove and scrub with a soft-bristled toothbrush, if necessary.

Does vinegar harm gold?

Gold is unaffected by vinegar because it is a stable metal and will not react with oxygen. That means it will not change color, develop crystals, or disintegrate.

What is the best natural jewelry cleaner?

The best homemade jewelry cleaning solution is a mixture of a few drops of Dawn dish detergent in warm, not hot, water. Let the piece sit in the solution for a few minutes, longer if it’s very dirty, then gently scrub with a new, baby-size, soft toothbrush. To rinse, place the item in a new container of lukewarm water.

Can you use hydrogen peroxide to clean jewelry?

Hydrogen peroxide can easily clean silver and gold jewelry, as well as fake jewelry/costume jewelry. … For those who are interested in cleaning with mild detergent and water, we recommend that you improve the cleaning solution by adding a few drops of hydrogen peroxide, and a cup of vinegar.

Is connoisseurs safe for white gold?

Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner is the perfect cleaner and brush to take care of my ring and keep it sparkling. It does not harm or deteriorate the diamonds or white gold. I have used this on platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and silver and it has worked perfectly.

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What is the best jewelry cleaner?

The Best Jewelry Cleaners on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

  • Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner With Digital Timer. …
  • Connoisseurs Silver Polishing Cloth Jewelry Cleaner. …
  • Hagerty 7-Ounce Silver Cleaner. …
  • Flitz Multi-Purpose Polish and Cleaner Paste.


How often can I use connoisseurs jewelry cleaner?

It is recommended to clean precious stone jewellery at least once a week to keep it looking its best. For best results use Connoisseurs Precious Jewellery Cleaner or Diamond Dazzle Stik.

What will clean sterling silver?

How to Clean Silver Jewelry the Simple Way

  1. Add a few drops of liquid dish soap to warm water. …
  2. Soak jewelry in the solution for 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. Use a soft-bristle brush, such as a toothbrush, to clean any crevices.
  4. Rinse jewelry in warm water.
  5. To dry, gently rub jewelry with a silver cloth or microfiber towel.


Can you use regular jewelry cleaner on sterling silver?

The best way to clean sterling silver jewelry without stones or antiquing is with our Connoisseurs Silver Jewelry Cleaner in the Classic Red jar. It quickly removes tarnish and restores shine and brilliance to all your non-gemstone and non-antique sterling silver.

How do you use sterling silver connoisseurs cleaner?

Connoisseurs Silver Jewelry Cleaner is fast and easy to use for cleaning your jewelry. Store it in or on your vanity and it’s ready to use. Just dip a piece of jewelry for 10 seconds, rinse and dry with a lint free cloth. It’s that simple to use.

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