What can you do with old fashion jewelry?

What can I do with old costume jewelry?

Getting rid of jewelry

As for pieces you no longer want, donate them. Many charities accept fine jewelry donations, including Goodwill, the Salvation Army and Support Our Troops. If you want to unload costume jewelry, look into organizations such as Dress for Success, Suited for Change and I Have Wings .

Does anyone buy old costume jewelry?

Costume jewelry can be sold at auction, to antique dealers or to wholesalers. Trade magazines, antique catalogs and websites devoted to the sale and advertising of vintage items can often connect buyers and sellers. Local auction houses can provide details on contributing items to auctions.

Is my costume jewelry worth anything?

Some higher-quality costume jewelry uses prongs just like in fine jewelry, but a lot of the stones are glued into place. … Tip: Vintage costume jewelry that has a lot of brilliant stones all set with prongs can be very valuable. These pieces can sometimes be as valuable as pieces of fine jewelry.

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What do you do with old jewelry you don’t want?

3 Best Options For Getting Rid Of Used Jewelry

  1. 1) Sell Your Used Jewelry. If you have no attachment to a piece and just want to get cash for it, your best option is to sell it to a local jeweler or a pawnshop. …
  2. 2) Trade It In For Credit Towards Another Purchase. …
  3. 3) Remount Stones Into A New Piece.


Is there a market for costume jewelry?

The costume jewelry market was valued at $32.9 billion in 2019, and is estimated to reach $ 59.7 billion by 2027, registering a CAGR of 7.80% from 2020 to 2027.

What is vintage costume jewelry worth?

General Value of Vintage Costume Jewelry

While many unknown vintage jewelry pieces can be purchased on yard sales for a dollar or two, or online for around $20 to $50, there are some brands with pieces worth into the hundreds of dollars, depending on designer and style.

Who buys good costume jewelry?

Where Can I Sell Costume Jewelry Near Me?

  • Yard/Garage and Estate Sales. Garage sales can be a hidden gem when you’re looking to buy cheap jewelry. …
  • Art and Craft Fairs. Start selling jewelry at a craft fair near you. …
  • Vintage Boutiques. …
  • Print or Online Classified Ads. …
  • 5 . …
  • Buy Costume Jewelry Search. …
  • Pawn Shop.


Can you make money selling costume jewelry?

Costume jewelry, also known as fashion jewelry, runs the gamut from simple silver pieces to large cocktail rings. Starting a costume jewelry business can be profitable as jewelry is not only bought and worn by female consumers of all ages, but also purchased by males to give as gifts.

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How do I know if my vintage jewelry is valuable?

2. Examine Your Vintage Jewelry Items

  1. After looking at the craftsmanship, consider the materials. A vintage and antique jewelry identification guide always focuses on materials. …
  2. The cut of the gems can also point to specific eras. …
  3. Check the clasps. …
  4. Take the type into account. …
  5. Look for evidence of the designer.

How do I find out how much my jewelry is worth?


  1. To get the gram price, divide $400 by 31. (1 troy ounce equals approximately 31 gm).
  2. Thus, $400/31 = approximately $13 per gm.
  3. To get the pure gold price for the item, multiply 3 gm times $13.
  4. Thus, 3 x $13 = $39.
  5. To get the 14K gold price for the item multiply $39 by 0.6.
  6. Thus, $39 x 0.6 = $23.40.

How can I appraise my own jewelry?

Jewelry Appraisal by Yourself: Learn to Evaluate

  1. Spot the gold stamp.
  2. Weigh your gold.
  3. Calculate a price.
  4. Spot the gold stamp. Use a magnifier if necessary and find the gold stamp on your jewelry. …
  5. Weigh your gold. …
  6. Calculate a price.

What can I do with my old grandma’s jewelry?

  1. DIY Bejeweled Topiary Art. …
  2. Bedazzled Belt. …
  3. Vintage Jewelry Turned Bookmarks. …
  4. DIY Beaded Sandals. …
  5. DIY Necklace Turned Bracelet. …
  6. Repurposed Costume Jewelry Camera Strap. …
  7. DIY Jeweled Christmas Tree. …
  8. Vintage Cameo Cuff Bracelet.

Where can I sell my jewelry I don’t want?

Selling your jewelry in person to a local shop may still be the best way to get the most money out of it. Here, too, you have lots of options, including coin shops, pawnshops, consignment shops and jewelers. The American Gem Society provides a list of local jewelers who buy jewelry.

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How do you let go of old jewelry?

Here are a few ideas you can do with the pieces you keep:

  1. You can hang them somewhere so you see them regularly instead of having them stashed away in the bottom of a drawer.
  2. You could hang them in a shadow box with a photo of your mom or grandma wearing them. …
  3. You could also make something out of your old jewelry.


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