What did Stassi do to Ruby in EastEnders?

What happened to Ruby in EastEnders?

Ruby Allen (played by Louisa Lytton) will be diagnosed with endometriosis in Thursday’s EastEnders after booking an appointment with a specialist following her recent miscarriage.

Did Stacey push Ruby in EastEnders?

EastEnders’ Stacey Slater will prepare to learn her fate next week, as she heads to the hearing over Ruby Allen’s accident. Stacey (Lacey Turner) is facing some very serious charges, after Ruby falsely accused her of pushing her down the stairs amid an argument at the club.

What did Stacey Slater do to Ruby?

The next day, Ruby tells Stacey that she went back to Ross’ house afterwards and had sex with him, but woke up with Martin’s other friend, Matt Clarkson (Mitchell Hunt), on top of her. Stacey tells Ruby that she was raped by Matt and eventually Ruby reports this to the police.

Is Ruby Allen pregnant in real life?

EastEnders’ Louisa Lytton on filming her Ruby Allen baby while pregnant in real life. … The actress revealed the happy news that she’s expecting her first baby with fiancé Ben Bhanvra with an adorable clip.

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Is Ruby married to Martin?

Martin Fowler and Ruby Allen have tied the knot in a surprising turn of events on EastEnders. … In Monday’s episode (October 12), Jean (Gillian Wright) and Kat (Jessie Wallace) were stunned to find out on social media that Ruby and Martin had actually tied the knot!

How did Ruby Allen lose her baby?

Sadly, she then started bleeding and found out she had suffered a miscarriage. Just days later Ruby had a row with Stacey and slipped down some stairs. Despite Stacey having nothing to do with the fall, Ruby told Martin that her ex best friend had pushed her and it caused her miscarriage.

Did Ruby lose the baby EastEnders?

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Ruby (Louisa Lytton) was left devastated after she lost her baby earlier in the year, and went on to discover that she had endometriosis – which could affect her fertility.

Does Ruby lose the baby in EastEnders?

EASTENDERS’ Ruby Allen suffers from a heartbreaking miscarriage for a second time after falling pregnant again. The nightclub owner – played by Louisa Lytton in the BBC soap – sadly lost her unborn baby earlier this year. But she tried to blame Stacey Slater for it.

Who is Louisa’s boyfriend?

EastEnders star Louisa Lytton and her fiancé Ben Bhanvra have announced they are expecting their first child together. The actress shared the happy news with her 197,000 Instagram followers with a sweet video on Mother’s Day.

Did Martin and Ruby sleep together?

Viewers will know that, late last year, Martin and Ruby gave into the evident chemistry between them and slept together.

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Does Stacey Slater go to jail?

STACEY Slater is sentenced to a year in prison as her daughter Lily heads on a downward spiral next week in EastEnders. Stacey – who is played by Lacey Turner in the BBC One soap – was wrongly accused of shoving Ruby Allen down the stairs and causing her miscarriage.

Why did Jake Wood leave EastEnders?

The door is being left open for his character so he can return at any time. However, Wood revealed he had no plans to return any time soon, but he had enjoyed his time on the soap. No official reason has been given as to why the star is leaving, but it could be because he has spent so much time on the show.

Is Linda in EastEnders pregnant in real-life?

EastEnders shows actress Kellie Bright’s real-life pregnancy bump in new scenes for her character Linda Carter. … Mirroring the actress’ real-life pregnancy, it was recently revealed in the BBC One soap opera that her character Linda is also pregnant.

Who is pregnant in real-life in EastEnders?

I’M IN! EastEnders viewers will see actor Kellie Bright’s real-life pregnancy bump in forthcoming Linda Carter scenes. The 44-year-old TV star and her husband Paul Stocker are expecting their third child after welcoming sons Freddie in 2011 and Gene in 2016.

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