What do you call a knitted diamond pattern?

An argyle (/ˈɑːr. ɡaɪl/, occasionally spelled argyll) pattern is made of diamonds or lozenges. The word is sometimes used to refer to an individual diamond in the design, but more commonly refers to the overall pattern.

What is a chequerboard diamond pattern called?

ANSWER. Checkerboard diamond pattern. ARGYLE. Basking reptile with a diamond pattern on its back; Britain’s only venomous snake (5) ADDER.

What do you call the diamond shaped pattern often seen on socks?

The Crossword Solver found 20 answers to the diamond shaped pattern often used for socks (6) crossword clue.

diamond shaped pattern often used for socks (6)
Diamond-shaped pattern often used for socks (6)

How do you knit a square diamond?

Diamond Style Square (garter stitch)

  1. Cast on 1 stitch.
  2. Increase 1 stitch at the start of each row until you have 34 rows.
  3. Knit one row.
  4. Decrease 1 stitch at the start of each row until 1 stitch is left.
  5. Cast off.


What is a diamond pattern in chart?

A diamond pattern is used for detecting reversals. … Diamond chart formation is a rare chart pattern that looks similar to a head and shoulders pattern with a V-shaped neckline. Diamond chart patterns usually happen at market tops.

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What is a diamond shaped pattern?

6 letter answer(s) to diamond-shaped pattern

ARGYLE. a sock knitted or woven with an argyle design (usually used in the plural) a design consisting of a pattern of varicolored diamonds on a solid background (originally for knitted articles); patterned after the tartan of a clan in western Scotland.

What is the difference between argyle and plaid?

Argyle and plaid. … While argyle is a diamond pattern, plaids are a square pattern consisting of right angles. There are a lot more variations of plaids out there, and it’s important to note that not all plaid patterns have those consistent intercepting thin lines that we see in argyle.

What is harlequin pattern?

A harlequin pattern is a repeating pattern of contrasting diamonds or elongated squares standing on end. Traditional clown suits are made in a red and white diamond pattern, named after the historical comedic character that made the pattern so well known.

What is Argyle day?

National Argyle Day is an annual fun celebration observed on January 8th of every year. The first thing that pops up when it comes to Argyle or Argyll is the socks and sweaters of argyle style or pattern.

How do you knit a diamond honeycomb stitch?

Knitted in a multiple of 6 sts + 5 and a 12-row repeat. Row 1 – Wrong side: K1, * sl 3 wyib, k3; rep from * to last 4 sts, sl 3 wyib, k1. Row 2 – Right side: P1, * sl 3 wyif, p3; rep from * to last 4 sts, sl 3 wyif, p1. Row 3: Purl.

How many stitches do you need to knit a square?

Cast on enough stitches to make 8” (20cm), which should be anywhere from 35 to 40 stitches. Try to make your stitches neither too loose nor too tight to help ensure uniform squares. This may vary slightly depending on your tension. Note: Check your gauge (tension) after 3 or 4 rows.

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Can you knit granny squares?

It takes much longer to knit a Granny Square than it would to crochet one so I wouldn’t recommend making a blanket out of these but they make lovely coasters. Or you can just enjoy seeing peoples’ faces when you tell them that they’re knitting, not crochet.

How do you knit a diamond lattice stitch?

Diamond Lattice Knitting Stitch. Left Twist (LT) – Skip the first stitch and knit the second stitch through the back loop keeping the stitch on the needle, and then knit the skipped stitch. Slip both stitches from the needle together.

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