What does herringbone necklace mean?

The herringbone chain, or flat gold chain style, which dates back to Ancient Egyptian times, is a sophisticated design found in many jewelry chains and even textiles. The main feature of the herring bone chain is a flat texture with slanted chain links that are parallel to each other.

What is a herringbone necklace?

A herringbone chain is a type of necklace made up of thin, flat metal segments. These segments are not straight but are bent in the middle, forming a herringbone pattern.

Are herringbone necklaces in style?

While minimalism is still as popular as ever, maximalism is also back. Instead of showy boho pieces, the statement jewelry of today go for glam. herringbone necklaces, gemstone-encrusted panthers, and chunky rings are just a handful of the glam gold-and-diamond looks we’re very into these days.

How do you wear a herringbone chain?

When to wear a herringbone chain? Truth be told, a herringbone chain is meant to be your fashion statement but it’s not meant to accompany you everywhere. Since these chains are not very strong, you should be cautious when you wear them outside. The proper way should be known to wear the gold.

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Are herringbone chains durable?

As discussed earlier, the Herringbone chain is composed of tightly connected thin and flat metal links. However, it is also considered as one of the least durable chain style and may easily kink up.

Why is it called herringbone pattern?

Herringbone, also called broken twill weave, describes a distinctive V-shaped weaving pattern usually found in twill fabric. … The pattern is called herringbone because it resembles the skeleton of a herring fish.

How do you clean a herringbone chain?


  1. Place dishwashing liquid in a small bowl. Mix a few drops of mild dishwashing soap into a bowl with club soda or seltzer water. …
  2. Soak the chain. Take the chain and immerse it into the bowl. …
  3. Scrub with a toothbrush. Get out a soft bristled toothbrush. …
  4. Rinse with water. …
  5. Dry with a soft cloth.

What is the latest trend in necklaces?

Pearl Necklaces. The pearl trend is going strong into 2021. From classic to modern, jewelry designers are continuing to come up with new and different ways to incorporate pearls into their jewelry designs. Look for pearl necklaces that feature pearls with unique shapes and colors, as well as shiny metal accents.

5 New Jewelry Trends to Try From the Spring 2020 Runways

  • Colorful Jewelry. Getty Images. Forget sticking to gold and silver, designers brought on an explosion of color for Spring 2020’s jewelry. …
  • The Single Earring. Getty Images. …
  • Oversized Chains. Getty Images. …
  • Pearls. Getty Images. …
  • Big Hoops. Getty Images.


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How do you store a herringbone necklace?

Herringbone Chain

Do not hang additional charms or pendants from the chain. This can add too much weight to the center of the chain and cause misshapen links. Store your chain in a large flat jewelry box, and keep it flat in its natural shape.

Can you fix a herringbone chain?

The chain’s design can’t be fixed

Herringbone chains and other custom designed chains are almost done for if they are broken. Because these chains are constructed via a series of fluid, interlocking flat links, if the chain is snagged it “unravels” the entire structure.

Do herringbone chains pull hair?

Herringbone chains feature a beautiful pattern very similar to those scales found on a tropical fish. But the generally flat design of these chains means all of the chain touches the skin. With several gaps small gaps between the patterns in the chain, this is a perfect hair trap.

Are gold chains still in style?

Gold chains are a classic men’s accessory, and they are very much back in style right now. Not only do they look great on everyone, they add a touch of understated luxury as well as a certain edginess to your outfit.

What is the strongest chain in the world?

Dyneema® is the world’s strongest fiber.™ Synthetic chains made with Dyneema® are stronger than toughened steel and synthetic alternatives. Eight times lighter than regular steel chain yet just as strong. Light enough for one person to work with all day long.

What is the most durable necklace chain?

Rope chains are among the most durable and heaviest of chain types and possibly the most textural. They are perfect to wear with pendants as they are very strong, whether thick or thin, and don’t easily come apart.

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What is the strongest chain for a pendant?

Are Mariner Chains Strong

Mariner chain necklaces are one of the strongest of the different types of chains. It’s as strong as the curb and cable chain.

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