What gemstones does GIA certify?

What stones does GIA certify?

Colored Stone Identification & Origin Report

For polished, rough, loose or mounted natural ruby, sapphire, emerald, Paraíba tourmaline, red spinel and alexandrite only.

Which certification is best for gemstone?

What are the best Diamond Certifications?

  • GIA – Gemological Institute of America. GIA is held by all (literally) to be the industry gold standard. …
  • AGS – American Gem Society. …
  • GCAL – Gem Certification & Assurance Lab. …
  • IGI – International Gemological Institute. …
  • EGL – European Gemological Laboratories.


What is GIA certified gemstones?

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) evaluates gemstones on the basis of their weight, shape, measurement, cut, colour and clarity. They perform a thorough analysis and scrutinize whether the gemstones are natural, treated or synthetic. The GIA certification confirms the authenticity and quality of a gem.

Does GIA grade colored stones?

There is currently no broadly accepted grading system for colored stones. The grading of colored stones is a highly complex process with countless variables that makes a universal grading system difficult to establish.

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Does GIA certify sapphires?

GIA doesn’t grade or provide quality analysis for sapphire or other colored stones.

Do sapphires have Gia?

Each of our sapphires has been evaluated by our professional, GIA certified gemologists to ensure an accurate assessment and evaluation.

Which is better GIA or IGI?

GIA is often held up as the gold standard of diamond grading while other labs are purported to have looser grading standards. … For two diamonds of the same carat, color, and clarity grade, an IGI certified diamond is on average 12% cheaper than a GIA certified diamond.

What gemstones are cheapest?

10 Most Affordable Gemstones

  • Citrine. …
  • Garnet. …
  • Hematite. …
  • Onyx. …
  • Peridot. …
  • Rose Quartz. …
  • Topaz. A personal favorite to use, topaz comes in variety of colors, shapes, and most importantly is inexpensive. …
  • Zircon. Zircon can be found almost anywhere because it is so widely distributed.


Is IGI better than GIA?

IGI is improving, but is still not on par with GIA…

The Gemological Institute of America or GIA is the best lab in the world. It is very consistent, and a standard bearer for diamond grading in the industry. … While both GIA and IGI are reputable labs, there is noticeable difference in how they grade diamonds.

Is GIA certification the best?

The best diamond certifications are the GIA and AGS because they’re the most consistent lab grading entities. That means you can trust their grading in all aspects like Color, Clarity and Cut quality. … The top two diamond certifications are: GIA (Gemological Institute of America)

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Does GIA certify rubies?

GIA evaluates ruby but does not grade it.

How much does it cost to get GIA certified?

How Much Does A Diamond Certificate Cost? Each lab fulfills a different grading report, as such each lab will vary in price. However, GIA is the benchmark for diamond certificates and the price depends on the weight, or carat, of the diamond. A GIA Diamond Grading Report costs $78 for diamonds that are .

What does AAA quality gemstone mean?

AAA – “AAA” grade is assigned to a gemstone that is considered to “being near perfect.” Though these stones do show some variation in colour, they are clean, well cut and polished. … AAA quality gemstones are the most sought out precious stones, for the cut is perfect and the colour is vibrant.

What is the color of a gemstone determined by?

It’s the same with gemstones; each particular mineral absorbs some of the light and refracts some of the light, and the wavelength of that refracted light determines the color that we see in the gemstone. When the gemstone is formed with impurities inside, different impurities can present with different colors.

How are stones graded?

Gemstone Grading System

While there is no universal grading system, many gemstone beads are graded based on their quality, color, cut, and clarity (somewhat similar to how diamonds are graded). Gemstone grading is assigned by letter. AAA is the highest grade while D is the lowest.

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