What is Attr_accessible in Ruby?

attr_accessor is a Ruby method that makes a getter and a setter. attr_accessible is a Rails method that allows you to pass in values to a mass assignment: new(attrs) or update_attributes(attrs) .

What does Attr_accessor mean in Ruby?

attr_accessor is a RUBY method, it has nothing to do with Rails. Anyway, attr_accessor automatically sets up getters and setters for those instance variables. That’s it.

What is an attribute in Ruby?

Attributes are specific properties of an object. Methods are capabilities of an object. In Ruby all instance variables (attributes) are private by default. It means you don’t have access to them outside the scope of the instance itself. The only way to access the attribute is using an accessor method.

What are class methods in Ruby?

Class Methods are the methods that are defined inside the class, public class methods can be accessed with the help of objects. The method is marked as private by default, when a method is defined outside of the class definition. By default, methods are marked as public which is defined in the class definition.

What does || mean in Ruby?

It is a near-shorthand for a || a = b . The difference is that, when a is undefined, a || a = b would raise NameError , whereas a ||= b sets a to b . This distinction is unimportant if a and b are both local variables, but is significant if either is a getter/setter method of a class.

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What are symbols in Ruby?

Symbol objects represent names and some strings inside the Ruby interpreter. They are generated using the :name and :”string” literals syntax, and by the various to_sym methods.

What is Respond_to in Ruby?

respond_to? is a Ruby method for detecting whether the class has a particular method on it. For example, @user.respond_to?(‘eat_food’) would return true if the User class has an eat_food method on it. respond_to is a Rails method for responding to particular request types.

How do you define a class variable in Ruby?


A class variable belongs to the class, not the object. You declare a class variable using two @signs for example, @@name. We can, for example, keep count of all person objects created using a class variable.

Does Ruby have class methods?

The first thing you need to know is that there is no such thing as a class method in Ruby. What we colloquially call a “class method” is actually nothing more than a normal singleton method. All objects can have singleton methods, there’s nothing special about classes.

What is a Ruby method?

A method in Ruby is a set of expressions that returns a value. Within a method, you can organize your code into subroutines which can be easily invoked from other areas of their program. … A method definition starts with the ‘def’ keyword followed by the method name.

What is self method in Ruby?

self is a special variable that points to the object that “owns” the currently executing code. Ruby uses self everwhere: For instance variables: @myvar. For method and constant lookup. When defining methods, classes and modules.

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What is Ruby good for?

Ruby is most used for building web applications. However, it is a general-purpose language similar to Python, so it has many other applications like data analysis, prototyping, and proof of concepts. Probably the most obvious implementation of Ruby is Rails web, the development framework built with Ruby.

Which is better Python or Ruby?

Python is a simple, easy to learn, powerful, high level and object-oriented programming language. It is an interpreted scripting language also.


Terms Python Ruby
Definition Python is a high level programming language. Ruby is a general purpose programming language.

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