Where can I buy Kundan Jewellery in Bangalore?

How much does a real Kundan set cost?

A Polki choker necklace generally costs around INR 4-15 lakhs, while an entire set can cost up to INR 3 crores, depending on the design, number of stones and labour used. Whereas a Kundan jewellery piece is relatively cheaper than Polki jewellery and can be purchased anywhere between INR 50,000 to 2 lakhs.

How expensive is Kundan Jewellery?

What Is The Price Range? While a piece of Polki jewellery can cost you anywhere between Rs. 4 – 15 lakh, a Kundan can be priced at half of the cost.

Is it worth buying Kundan Jewellery?

Kundan jewellery is expensive because of its intricate craftwork and gold content. A Kundan Jewellery set to cost Rs. 50,000 and above. However, when compared to jewellery made purely of gold, Kundan jewellery made in the same karat of gold is not as pricey.

What is real Kundan?

Kundan is a traditional form of Indian gemstone jewellery involving a gem set with a gold foil between the stones and its mount, usually for elaborate necklaces. … The word kundan means highly refined gold, and a highly refined and pure form of molten gold is used.

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Is Sabyasachi Jewellery real gold?

Sabyasachi Fine Jewellery. Fine jewelry is precious metals and precious or semi precious gemstones & pearls (gold filled is precious, gold vermeil is precious). The difference between fashion jewelry and Fine jewelry is the quality of the metal used in the jewelry and the authenticity of the stones set into the pieces.

Why does Kundan turn black?

* Kundan jewellery always needs to be stored in plastic boxes with sponge or cotton as it reacts with the other chemicals and turns the stones black.

Is Polki expensive or Kundan?

Since it’s the purest form of diamonds available, it’s extremely expensive. There are a lot of families that have passed on polki as heirlooms. The process of Polki is the same as Kundan. With Polki, Kundan can also be used, making it even more expensive.

Is Kundan Jewellery gold?

Kundan jewellery is one of the oldest forms of jewellery worn in India. Kundan is refined gold, which is the purest form of molten gold. Kundan is highly refined gold which is used as a base where carefully shaped, cut and polished multicolored gemstones are set in an exclusively beautiful design.

How can you tell real Polki?

Polki jewellery is basically created with unfinished diamonds in their natural form. If these unfinished diamonds are polished and chemically treated they look like shiny diamonds. The colour of Polki as compared to the chemically and lab processed diamonds is a little rustic.

Does Meenakari Jewellery have resale value?

Thus, polki does not have any resale value.

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Polki diamond, no matter how big the pieces are, cannot be sold back. The jewellery in which it is set cannot be melted. The only way it can be remade is by tearing away the “tikdas” and rejoining them in a different design with kadis.

Does Kundan have resale value?

Comparison in terms of Resale Value

The gold content in Kundan/Polki sets is low because the gold is used just to make the frame (its filled with lac inside)- however some jewellers also put gold at the back which significantly increases the price.

How can you tell the difference between Kundan and polki?

Polki is crafted in much the same way as Kundan. The key difference between the two is that while Kundan utilizes glass, Polki uses uncut, raw diamonds. These mined diamonds are given a basic cut and polish, but don’t display the sparkle and brilliance that we’ve come to associate with diamonds.

Is Kundan expensive than diamond?

Polki is made of uncut diamonds, while Kundan is made of glass stones. … Since it’s the purest form of diamonds available, it’s extremely expensive. There are a lot of families that have passed on polki as heirlooms.

Is Kundan a glass?

Kundan is a traditional Rajasthani style of jewellery and is made of glass stone (glass polki).

How is Jadau Jewellery made?

What is jadau jewellery? … It is essentially a technique of jewellery-making wherein precious gemstones such as uncut diamonds, pearls, emeralds and rubies are embedded into gold. Gold is actually turned into a frame on which precious stones are studded without the use of any adhesive.

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