Where did Pandora Jewelry get its name?

Pandora was the first woman on Earth, and Pandora Jewelry was the first Jewelry store website. Pandora Jewelry Store was obviously named after Pandora from the Greek Myth, because they are alike in many ways.

Where did Pandora originate?

It all started in 1982. In a small jeweller’s shop in modest surroundings in Copenhagen, Denmark, Danish goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his wife Winnie began the journey of what would one day become Pandora.

Who is the owner of Pandora jewelry?

1982. Our story begins with the Danish goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his wife Winnie, founding Pandora in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1982. Pandora has made an incredible journey from a local Danish jewelry store to the world’s biggest jewelry brand.

What is so special about Pandora jewelry?

Pandora jewelry pieces are made of sterling silver and 14k or 18k solid gold. The brand strives to create unique jewelry designs through skilled craftsmanship, so no two pieces are exactly the same. Pandora uses the lost wax casting technique for creating elaborate and minimalist designs.

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Why does Pandora jewelry use Greek mythology?

Pandora Jewelry brand is inspired by Greek mythology. Prometheus stole the holy fire of heaven to the earthly. Zeus in retaliation for Prometheus, the command Vulcan, Hephaestus created Pandora, a beautiful woman, and let the gods to contribute generously so that Pandora can be easily tempted to mortal.

Is Pandora made in China?

All Pandora Jewelry products are made in Thailand.

Why is my pandora bracelet turning black?

Being exposed to moisture, skin and the air causes a chemical reaction that gradually over time, oxidizes the silver metal turning it from shiny silver, to a light yellow/silver color. If you do not properly clean your pieces after this occurs, that yellow coloring will again gradually turn to black.

Why is Pandora so expensive?

1. Quality materials. the first reason why the Pandora bracelets are expensive has to do with the fact that the brand can only send its products at a premium if they use high-quality materials in production. This is the case with Pandora and the primary reason for the high cost of the bracelets.

Is Pandora a luxury brand?

Pandora is now the second most popular brand among luxury jewelry buyers, according to a fourth quarter luxury tracking study conducted by Unity Marketing. The charm manufacturer ranked second only to Tiffany & Co.

Is pandora silver real?

Yes. All authentic Pandora bracelets are made of real silver, specifically, 925 sterling silver. … Essentially, all Pandora jewelry is made using some of the highest quality materials, mostly made of 925 sterling silver, and for the gold pieces, Pandora uses 14k gold.

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Is Pandora better than Swarovski?

Pandora. … In terms of what they offer, Pandora typically offers a larger variety of jewelry styles and brands in their stores while Swarovski focuses more on their own signature jewelry. Swarovski’s prices are also higher on average, however, that’s the price of Swarovski’s brand and quality.

What jewelry is better than Pandora?

Swarovski, on the other hand, focuses on their signature jewelry designs, which cost more than Pandora’s. So, if you are to choose one of these, Pandora is easily a better choice.

What is the rarest Pandora charm?

Randers Frog Charm

Although the Randers Frog wasn’t recalled like the Australia charm, it was probably produced in significantly smaller quantities from the outset— making it the rarest Pandora charm. The charm was only sold in the town of Randers, Denmark from a single jewelry store.

Is Pandora good or evil?

Pandora, (Greek: “All-Gifts”) in Greek mythology, the first woman. … In Hesiod’s Works and Days, Pandora had a jar containing all manner of misery and evil. Zeus sent her to Epimetheus, who forgot the warning of his brother Prometheus and made Pandora his wife.

How did Pandora die?

According to the most common version of the story, mortality was one of the curses that were inside Pandora’s jar (not a box, that was actually a mix-up with the box of Psyche). So it stands to reason then when she brought mortality to humanity, she became mortal herslef and probably died of natural causes later.

Who are Pandora’s parents?

The parents of Pandora were Hephaestus and Athena.

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