Where is the best place to get diamonds wizard101?

You can buy Diamonds at the wizars city bazaar. Or you can see these stone blocks that can give you diamonds. Or be lucky and win them from battles. But the best way to get diamonds is to buy them from the wizard city bazaar.

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Where can I find ore in wizard101?

Fighting mobs for reagents is really slow, the best places to farm ore are the basilica and atheneum in dragonspyre but that place is pretty popular. A much less popular place is in mirkholm keep by the spirit runner wolves or whatever they’re called.

Can you craft Ore wizard101?

Yes. I usually prefer to get materials from as many sources as possible, specially since crafting is usually a long term process unless you get really lucky with at the bazaar.

How do you get Ghost fire in wizard101?

Re: Ghost Fire

You have to buy ghost fire from the reagent vendors on either Mooshu or Dragonspyre.

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Where can I get diamonds in w101?

How do you craft diamonds in wizard101? There is a recipe that will allow you to transmute Ore into Diamonds (you can buy it from the crafting bear in Grizzleheim, left side of the Northgard entrance). It takes 15 Ore to make one Diamond. If you go around collecting Ore, every now and then you’ll also find a Diamond.

Where do you get black Lotus in wizard101?

Black Lotus is purchasable in the Bazaar, and can found in zones of Mooshu, Zafaria, Avalon, Azteca, and Khrysilis, to name a few. If you Craft, it can be Transmuted from lower value, more common reagents.

Where can I buy ore in Genshin impact?

Here are the best locations to farm Crystal Ore in Genshin Impact:

  • Wolvendom, Mondstadt.
  • Stormterror’s Lair, Mondstadt.
  • Guyun Stone Forest, Liyue.
  • Lingju Pass, Liyue.
  • Cuijue Slope, Liyue.
  • Qingyun Peak, Liyue.
  • Bishui Plains, Liyue.


How do I get to Mirkholm keep?

Re: How to get into Mirkholm Keep? Okay. See, you have to finish Savarstaad Pass and Vigrid Roughland by doing all main and side quests there. Once you finish those areas, wait until Merle Ambrose call you to visit his office and go speak with Bjorn Ironclaws go then Mirkholm Keep is unlocked! :-D.

Where do I get the cloak of weighty grief recipe?

First check if Balthazar sells the recipe for the Cloak of Weighty Grief. If not, buy it from Yagi Sakai. You can find him in Mooshu, in Shoshun Village.

Can you transmute ore Wizard101?

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There is no recipe for transmuting ore. Ore is a common reagent that can be found almost anywhere in the Spiral starting in Krokotopia. It becomes more common in Dragonspyre and the second arc.

Where is the transmute mineral ore spell?

Adept Alteration Spell “Transmute” Spell Tome Location Revealed. The tome is on a table to the right, inside of Halted Stream Camp.

Where do you get antiquity in Wizard101?

If you really want the antiquity, another way you can get it is to go to Thieves Den. There are usually about 3 or 4 of them there at a time. Then just keep switching realms, you should get the required amount of antiquity pretty quick and easy.

Where can I farm Ghost fire?

You get ghost fire at the Celestian reagent vendor. Diamond is rare at Grizzleheim and Wintertusk.

Where can I find Ghost fire?

You have to buy ghost fire from the reagent vendors on either Mooshu or Dragonspyre. Grendelweed is a rare drop from frost flowers.

Where do you get a Sunstone in wizard101?

Sold by: Diego the Duelmaster (200 Arena Tickets)

Shine precious stones